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But, what if you accidentally factory reset your phone and end up losing your files?

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So, is it possible to recover data after a factory reset? The simple answer to your question is YES. There is no need to panic as you can still get back your deleted files even after factory resetting your device. Check out our next parts to learn how to perform OnePlus One data recovery after factory reset. The best thing about OnePlus Android device is that it has a built-in feature where the device generates an automatic backing on a daily basis on your personal Google account.

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Once you locate it, open it. Here, you may need to enter your Google login details and use Google ID and passcode that you had used while creating a backup. Step 3: Next, locate the target files that you would like to restore and choose them. Step 4: Once the restore process completes, you will get a pop-up message on your screen for the restore completion process. To see the deleted files once again on your phone, simply reboot your device.

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With the backup, you can prevent losing important data from your device for permanently. Otherwise, check out our next solution for OnePlus data recovery. When you look for it on the internet, you end up finding so many. But, Recoverit Data Recovery software is the most recommended solution for you. This software comes handy in recovering various files types including photos, videos, documents, apps, and much more.

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The best part is that it works under various data loss scenarios including accidental deletion, virus attack, and factory reset, etc. To learn how to recover deleted photos from OnePlus using Recoverit Data Recovery , download the software from its official site.

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Once downloading it on your computer, follow the below steps. OnePlus is new participant in smartphone industry but it gradually earned its name through great build quality and customization. Taking the latest OnePlus 7T for example, it offers a tremendous amount of - GB memory that literally allows you to fill up your smartphone with everything you can possibly wish for.

Best Way to Spy on OnePlus 6 Remotely

So, it is quite reasonable that your smartphone may have indefinite number of text messages, contacts, music and video collections, picture albums, notes, apps and so on. It is necessary to backup your data from OnePlus phone to computer regularly and keeping your important files safely. Before rooting your phone, OS update, restore to factory setting, hard reset, etc you must to make your phone backup at first, after the whole process is completed, then restore messags, contacts, notes, cal logs, photos, videos, music, documents and App data from the backup to device easily.

Google Drive is one of the most popular clod storage solutions. It offers every Android user the opportunity to backup data on the phone to its remote server for free. It is a really handy service that allow you to back up your smartphone and access your files from anywhere around the world. Here's how Google drive is used to transfer your smartphones data to online server.

Step 1 : Tap on menu icon and navigate through the options and find " Settings " and tap on it once. Alternatively, you can swipe down from the top of the screen and click on the little gear icon to open settings. Step 3 : Check the Back up my data checkbox, select Backup account, set your backup account.

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Step 4 : Return to the Settings menu and scroll to and select Google. Select your account, select the Menu button, click Sync Now. All the contents you chose will be synchronized to Google Drive. Step 5 : Click on " Restore " and you will be prompted to enter your Google account details. Make sure to input the same email account that you used to login from the beginning on your phone. This affects getting very sharp images. You will need a tripod for sure. Having a very little focus plane, handholding mobile can be tricky. And it can get worse if you are tapping camera screen to capture the images.

Center focus limitation may become an obstacle in terms of composing the frame.

You cant always have the subject in the middle. When you attach the lens, the autofocus may not work always.

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You will have to adapt with the focus plane. Few things to keep in mind while shooting macro with mobile. PS: I have ordered a set of high cost lenses and tele lenses. Will update the blog with shots from them soon. Subscribe to the blog to keep yourself updated. Update: 11th Aug: The comparison blog is up on site.

Sign in. Mobile photography : Shooting macro with mobile lenses. Take your smartphone photography to the next level with spectacular …. It has been little longer than I anticipated to get this followup blog up.

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