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EMUI 9. The settings menus have also been revised, with fewer, more logical options.

Huawei Mate 20 review

Huawei has added its own D igital W ellbeing system , called Digital Balance, and a new gesture control system. Using the Mate 20 is the same as the Mate 20 Pro , and many of the frustrations are repeated. Setting EMUI 9.

EMUI is not as instantly usable as other user interfaces, and requires some patience to learn and tweak. The Mate 20 has a three-lens camera on the back, set inside a square-shaped module with curved corners. At first, this looks unusual, but it gets better with time. While the cameras look the same on the outside, there are some differences inside.

It provides a 2x zoom, but not the 5x on the Mate 20 Pro. The camera understands what it sees, and recommends switching to a wide-angle view if it thinks the photo would be improved. Crucially, it just offers up a button, rather than forcing a change, giving you the choice.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro redux: Still a top phone!

Switching between lenses normally is cumbersome and confusing though. Then, when the A. They both reign supreme, but the Mate 20 is very close behind. Where it struggles is in challenging daytime light, and we found switching to Night Mode β€” which leaves the shutter open for a few seconds and stabilizes the image using artificial intelligence β€” was a necessity rather than a creative alternative. At night, the Mate 20 still delivers though, taking detailed photos without blur, and in sunny conditions the results are always excellent.

The app is easy to use, if a little complex, and the editing suite is comprehensive.

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However, this only applies to stills, and video editing is almost non-existent. This is a shame, because for the Mate 20, Huawei has employed its A. Cinema modes to play with. Suspense mode, for example, is very dark.

Huawei Mate 20

The most noticeable effect comes when you isolate a person in color, while making the background black and white. We also noticed the camera would hunt for focus problems when shooting video, especially through windows, and when using the AI modes. The video modes need improvement for them to be anything more than novelties too.

The Mate 20 has a 4,mAh battery inside with fast charging using the proprietary Huawei SuperCharge system for almost 60 percent charge in 30 minutes.

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It does not have the wireless charging tech seen on the Mate 20 Pro , and does not have the even faster 40w SuperCharge technology. Prepare for disappointment, as the Mate 20 β€” like the Mate 20 Pro β€” is not available in the U. In the U. Perhaps the more pertinent question is whether you should buy it over the Mate 20 Pro? Huawei Mate DT Recommended Product. Previous Next. However, as far as local options go, the Huawei Mate 20 Pro is basically the first of its kind. You get all the convenience and security of a traditional fingerprint sensor without any cost to the broader form-factor and design of the handset.

And, in practice, the in-display fingerprint sensor works really well. The second unique feature here is Reverse Wireless Charging. When toggled, this allows you to leverage the Mate 20 Pro's mAh battery to charge up another Qi-enabled device. Reverse Wireless Charging works well but its not a massive game-changer. If anything, it ends up being a little limited both by the slower charge speed and the number of menus you have to jump through in order to toggle the feature.

It does what it says on the tin but would be better if you had a shortcut for it in the same way you do things like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC connectivity. And, in theory, it works much the same. If it recognizes you, Mate 20 Pro will automatically unlock. Huawei has yet to respond or comment on the story - which is frustrating and makes it hard to put your faith in the security of the feature without a few reservations. Still, despite that bumper-sized list of features, the Mate 20 Pro itself actually comes off as pretty sim when held. The Midnight Blue variant of the device also works to distinguish itself through the addition of a new hyper optical surface coating that adds a really tactile sense of grip and texture to the back of the device.

Sure, the Mate 20 Pro might be feature Gorilla Glass 5 on both sides but glass is glass. Even a short fall can leave a lasting impact. My own Mate 20 Pro review unit slipped out of my pocket while I was sitting on a bench. All told, it dropped a foot - maybe a foot and a half - in distance. Like most smartphones nowadays, the Mate 20 Pro comes bundled with a transparent plastic case. Though the Mate 20 Pro doesn't come with the automotive branding found in its Porsche-branded cousin, easy comparisons to luxury cars feel apt when it comes to performance.

However, frustratingly, it doesn't offer you the ability to increase this via MicroSD. Instead, Huawei have opted for a new proprietary memory format called Nano Memory. Theoretically, the benefit here is that Nano Memory takes up less space in the internals of the Mate 20 Pro - which in turn allows Huawei to eke out a larger battery and more advanced camera system.

Yet, as far as these things go, the Nano Memory requirement sticks out as a clear con in a device with few other real drawbacks. And while I've been pretty critical of EMUI in the past, the jump to Android Pie feels like it leaves Huawei's software in a much better place than it previously occupied. Everything loads super fast and there's a plethora of ways to customize the experience to your liking. That said, I would love to see them offer more options and avenues of customization - specifically when it comes to the style of the home screen.

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I've always been a bigger fan of the swipe-up drawer interface found in Samsung and Google's launchers and found the options included here to be a little limited. This idea here is for you to to track and manage the amount of screentime you spend with your smartphone. When it came to benchmarks, Huawei's latest hardware delivered impressive enough - but not exceptional - results. I lean towards giving them the benefit of the doubt.

As such, the benchmark results for the Mate 20 Pro should be taken with slightly more salt than usual. The Huawei P20 Pro was a big leap forward for the brand, the Mate 20 Pro is more of a stride - albeit one in the same direction. It still features a triple-lens camera configuration but trades out the monochrome sensor for a new ultra-wide lens.

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The P20 Pro's 3x and 5x zoom allowed you to take the shots that other smartphone cameras couldn't. The Mate 20 Pro's ultra-wide lens and super macro mode allows you to get the shots that the P20 Pro couldn't take. Honestly, it feels like this is a feature that Apple or Samsung are going to adopt, iterate upon and impress with in about twelve months time. Another minor drawback here is that, like its predecessors, the Mate 20 Pro's AI-assisted photography features sometimes overstep their mark and overdo it.

I wouldn't say this happens often but the post-processing is still not as consistent as I'd like, nor as good as it is in Google's Pixel phones. Most of the time, the machine gets it right and the photos you get back are striking in all the right ways. To sum things up: the Mate 20 Pro really is far and away the best smartphone Huawei have produced to date.

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It's not quite the same leap forward for smartphone photography that the P20 Pro. However, it holds its own on other fronts that serve to propel it to the top of the category.