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If you do not want to be billed during your trial, you must turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before it expires. Introducing automated crash detection, for free! Starting today, crash detection, one of our most loved features is available for free to all of our users. You can also upgrade to Driver Protect to get emergency dispatchers sent to your exact location. And the good news is that it covers your entire Circle. So more safety for the entire family! Think back to your teenage years. Are you really that insecure about your parenting methods that you have little trust in your children to make good choices and stay safe?

Personally this app has caused major issues for my family. Before downloading the app I would do fun things attend parties go to friends house and my parents trusted me making good decisions and trusted I was telling the truth. The first couple of months with the app were fine but my parents got very paranoid they were constantly checking my location and making sure I was where I said. I knew they were checking so one day I asked my mom why she would even ask if she knew where I was.

This sparked endless arguments.

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This app ruined my siblings and l's relationship with our parents!!!! Funnily enough my mom was recommended this app around the time my younger sister got into high school. Keep in mind, there was no other reason for her to get the app other then safety measures because we were all turning into older young-ladies. Not because of behavior or anything because all of us were pretty good kids. However, my mom started to abuse the app's power: she'd get on my younger sisters case a lot whenever she was any where but home, and she would hound my kids older sister a lot of the time for driving around and going places.

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Anyways, whole whole ability to track us caused a lot of helicoptering and none of us appreciated it. My youngest sister especially felt it was unfair and it ended up building a lot of distrust between my mother and younger sister. So much so, that it got to the point where they would fight about it and if my sister really wanted to go out, she would leave her phone home and disappear for a couple of hours without our mom knowing. Which only built more distrust in our family and it impacted me and my older sister as well. It only made it more dangerous for my younger sister too, because she was more willing to leave her phone home and go out, and risk not having a way to contact.

Life is a great app. My 16 year old son just got his license recently.

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However, when he is older and more mature he will understand the real reason parents get this app. Its to know they are safe. I pay the premium to get crash detection since again my son is a new driver. I love my son and trust him, I just want him safe. Thanks Life I have shared this app with many parents. You can take photos with front or rear cameras, though this will be an in-app purchase.

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The data is sent via SSL, which means that the data is sent encrypted. It tracks your device by GPS only, and it gives you the option of receiving location notifications via SMS, by voice call or email.

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Phone Trace does allow you to send commands to the phone, which some might consider worth the higher price. It also allows you to set a few different conditions for sending you a notification, including changing the SIM card. Some finder apps will try to justify their price tag by adding functionality that is useful outside of simply locating a lost phone.

One popular solution to this is to provide tracking functionality, which could be used to track your morning run, or to make sure your kid arrives safely at school.

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It has a couple of particularly unique tracking features, such as geo-fencing functionality, which will send you notifications when the phone goes outside a set area. And it can be set to send you an alert when the phone arrives at a particular location. It will also send you Yelp alerts for nearby stores or restaurants when you arrive at a set location.

As for its finder capabilities, iHound will try to locate your device via GPS, WiFi or cell tower triangulation, and it will let you track multiple devices. It can be set to send you notices on other conditions, such as a significant location change, or before the phone is powered off.

Given that GPSTracker is currently a free app with a requested donation, this is a remarkably full-featured product. Like iHound, it allows you to set up geo-fencing boundaries to notify when a phone has been taken beyond those limits. GPSTracker also allows you to password protect the phone remotely. It does have a very cool feature that none of the other reviewed apps have, which is a panic button that allows you to initiate a phone or VOIP call to a designated number, or send a notification in case of emergency.

Lookout is an interesting hybrid of finder app and security product. It will locate your phone via GPS, and push a message to your phone.

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Lookout also allows you to initiate a call to the phone remotely, or to make a call to a designated list of friends. You can also set it to sound an alarm, and you can remotely access and manage your phone over the web, which is an impressive feature for a free app. Its more security-oriented features include making a backup of your contact list, sending a notice if someone attempts to jailbreak the phone, if your phone is connected to unsecured WiFi, or if your OS is out of date.

Presumably these notifications are intended for the user of the phone rather than sending an email if a thief tries to perform these actions. Hidden is perhaps the most basic finder app in this list. It will try to locate your device via GPS, WiFi or cell tower triangulation, depending on what functionality is available on your Mac. In most situations, this will just be WiFi. It will try to locate your device via GPS, WiFi or cell tower triangulation, depending on what is available on the device.

The laptop version allows you to take a photo with the webcam, plus screenshot and keylogs to help you identify the thief. Perhaps the most useful feature of the laptop version is that it allows you to send a fake hardware error message that will lock your screen so that the thief will be forced to take your laptop in for repair. You can then set the message to indicate that the laptop has been stolen.

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  5. The mobile version is unique in that it does not run in the background and requires that the thief run the application.