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MIUI 11 comes with a new Classical theme that supports squircle icon shape out of the box and I love it. Xiaomi has also redesigned all its native apps to fit the new icon shape. Finally, the apps look uniform and in sync with the overall UI. Besides that, the animation also feels pretty smooth and consistent across apps and settings. Xiaomi has also brought a new font that does not look too cartoonish.

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Not only the content, but the overall UI is scaled dynamically so you can have a better reading experience. Apart from that, the UI has fewer lines and boxes to put the focus back on content. The Settings menu looks a lot cleaner and has new colorful icons to boot. Xiaomi has stated that MIUI 11 has been designed for a full-screen experience and it does feel so. Mi Share Mi Share is the next headline feature of MIUI 11 which is very helpful and is going to make sharing files across smartphones a breeze.

As of now, Xiaomi has partnered with Oppo, realme, and Vivo to facilitate this feature among their smartphones.

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Xiaomi claims that you can send files locally up to 82MBps and that is simply amazing. We tried sharing files using Mi Share and it worked just like AirDrop. The transfer speed was fast and there was no drop in connection. Once implemented across devices, this feature is going to be a game-changer and make file sharing so much easier.

This may be due to the fact that the phones had not received the Android 10 update at the time of testing. Once they are updated, it should start working. In a brave move, Xiaomi brought always-on display on supported devices Redmi K20 series, Mi 9, etc last year, but with MIUI 11, they are taking it a step further and bringing many customization options for ambient display. You have a plethora of options to choose from: there are animated clocks, colorful backgrounds, and not to forget, the ability to type your own moving quote. However, if you are someone who disables AoD to save battery, well there is another way you can receive notifications without burning the juice.

It will light up the corners of your display whenever you will receive a notification. How awesome is that? While Xiaomi phones already come with a battery saver mode, MIUI 11 is offering another ultra-battery saving feature besides the normal one. It disables all the background processes, resource-intensive cores to bring down the performance, and eventually, save battery. Only the basic features are kept on like calling, messaging, and internet connectivity without background sync.

Further, the wallpaper is turned to pitch black and all the animations are turned off. So if you are going to a remote location or find yourself in a tough situation without a power source then this MIUI 11 feature will make the day for you. Besides that, you can also schedule dark mode based on your preference and that is awesome. Now, you can quickly look for files as the app supports thumbnails for all sorts of formats. If you were already a fan of the native File Manager on MIUI, this new update will make it even more compelling to use.

Mimoji in Camera Earlier, to use Mimoji on Xiaomi phones, you had to install a separate app. You can switch to the Mimoji tab at the bottom and start creating your animated emoji self. Mimoji now supports head movements, mouth detection, and some degree of facial expression too.

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You can jot down your to-do list on the Notes app and at the same time, create a task with a simple left-swipe. Apart from that, the tasks are also synced with Mi Calendar so you will be reminded accordingly. Further, you can quickly create tasks with voice recording too. Most of the time, we save our financial transactions in a note app. And whenever we want to calculate something, we have to go back and forth to the Calculator app to enter the details.

It makes the whole experience taxing and there is a possibility of wrong data entry.


You can be on any page and bring the floating Calculator to effortlessly calculate the sum. That is really useful and saves a lot of time. Apart from that, you can also determine the age of a person, calculate EMI, split bills with your friends, evaluate GST, and more. All in all, the new Calculator app is a fantastic utility on MIUI 11 and you are surely going to love it.

Nevertheless, with MIUI 11, you can set a personal video as both your home and lock screen wallpaper. Whenever you will unlock your device, the video will play in the background just like the live wallpapers. You can also enable the sound, but that would be a stretch. Anyway, you can set dynamic video wallpapers straight from the Gallery app. However, since there is an app drawer now, it makes things feel way more organized. There were also unwanted notifications that Xiaomi delivers, which although can be disabled feels pretty annoying. Apart from that the overall interface runs quite smoothly.

The facial recognition unlock feature is also quite handy but since it requires a pop-up camera, you have to swipe up the screen for it to unlock the phone, which adds to the inconvenience. Finally, coming down to the camera. One of the most headline-grabbing features of the Redmi K20 Pro is its front pop-up camera.

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It also comes enabled with fall detection mode which helps protect the camera in case the phone falls down. But, overall, these are a pretty impressive set of features keeping in mind the price point of the phone. Coming down to the actual performance of the rear camera, it works really well indoors and adds just the right mix of exposure and contrast to the photos, while maintaining the overall sharpness and offering a good dynamic range.

The AI mode along with the HDR also adds a lot more detail to the scene, however, this feature comes in more handy for low-light situations. This is because it adds a lot more detail to the scene without sacrificing on the overall quality of the picture taken. Wide-angle lens works pretty decent too and so does the zoom where the sharpening effect is pretty evident.

In full HD mode, you can shoot slow-motion video at up to fps, however, it lacks the much-needed stabilisation which makes for a very unpleasant experience especially during the night time. There are also other modes available on the camera including short video, slow motion, panorama, Pro, and night mode, that all come in handy.

The rear camera also offers 10x zoom which is pretty impressive and does retain good amount of detail in the image.

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The front camera lets you shoot p videos at 30fps which are of decent quality in good lighting situations. Also, the front camera works pretty in good lighting, but adds unnatural exposure to the scene during normal indoor lighting which is evident both in photos and during video calls. Also, during video calls, switching from rear to front mode leads to a few seconds of black out during the call, which does feel quite odd and makes you want to wish you had a normal selfie camera. During the daylight, outdoor pictures taken with the front camera are pretty good, but again, it lacks when it comes to adding the right amount of exposure and contrast.

During the low-light conditions, performance of front camera is pretty poor, and leads to blurred out, noisy pictures with absolutely no detail at all. Same goes for videos taken with the front camera in low-light situations.

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In all, Redmi K20 Pro features a great rear-camera but could use some work when it comes to selfie-camera. Coming down to whether you should buy the phone or not, if we put the price of the phone in the equation and compare that against the specifications of the phone, Redmi K20 Pro stands strongly above the competition and is a great buy for anyone wanting to get a taste of what flagship model at an affordable price feels like.

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