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Not Happy. See you later. If you like something I recommended, I encourage you to mark that reply as "Best Answer". My son received a Fitbit Blaze for his birthday. He has a Moto Droid 2 that has never sync'd very well with the Fitbit. We got him this so we could compare results with other family members - didn't work out so well. The screen cracked and just picked up a Moto Z as a replacement. Just found that it is not compatible withi my fitbit -can't even sync! It's not like Motorola is a newcomer to the android market - how hard can it be to make devices talk to them??

I just found out that my Blaze will not support my new Moto Z phone! Most disturbing was my interaction with Customer Serice that seems to be indifferent to this situation. Being a new device on the market makes it understandable that there has not been enough time for the developers to acquire, test, troubleshoot, and rewrite some drivers to make it work. Then to troubleshoot and make sure tye changes work and not cause other devices to stop working. However not being on the list, means that Fitbit hasn't aproved it yet, maybe hasn't even tested it.

Theur are many phones not on the list that still work fine. What has your real time experience been? Our team is hard working in testing the compatibility of several phones, your patience in this matter will be appreciated. Keep in mind that you can always sync your tracker with a computer and also, I recommend keeping an eye on our list of compatible mobile devices for any update. Catch you later. Thank you, but your post was not really helpful. I know I can sync my Fitbit with my computer, I do that. But that not a solution for mobility as I almost never carry my computer around, nor does it help with my notifications.

And as I appreciate your comment you are working on adding new devices, that general statement gives me no comfort that you are working on Motorola phones. I would like someone to put on your elaborate web site selling the devices and all of their features a warring it is just an unattainable dream for Moto users. Thank you very much for sharing your feedback and concerns with us.

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We definitely appreciate your patience and comments. We're always looking to improve the overall experience of our current and potential users. Be sure that your comment is not going unnoticed. Remember to vote for posts that helped you out! Tired of the same workout music? Try a Podcast! Endless sync issues, notifications are hit and miss. Trying to repair my Blaze and now it won't even connect. I'm spending too many hours trying to make this work, why is is so hard!

No problems with my Fitbit One syncing, why so many issues with the Blaze? Hello Dragonfruit , im not sure what you mean by trying to repair your Blaze, this is a taak for your app, not you, to do. Removing the tracker from the app, does nothing more than tell your fitbit account to remove the tracker, you dont want to use it, this will only add to problems. With the Blaze you can shutdown the tracker, and have you done a complete shutdown of the phone yet? The Blaze wasn't syncing with my Moto Z and I was trying the option of removing it from the app and re-pair it.

I had already tried uninstalling, reinstalling, reset tracker, etc. Even that didn't work.

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Should note that my Fitbit One is working fine with Nougat. Since the app is not fully compatible with the Moto Z, situations like this are expected. If you check on the compatible devices list , the Galaxy S3 is fully compatible and that would explain why you were able to sync your Blaze without any issues.

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Yes I get that, don't understand why more resources are not working on Android device compatibility. For now I am able to sync the Blaze to my Moto Z but it is not reliable and I pretty much need to just let it sync when it wants via the all day sync. Sometimes I need to restart the phone and application to get it going. If I go into the app and try to force a sync it almost never works. Sync error, and bluetooth errors galore. Notifications do not work and I am not able to start a GPS connected exercise from the Blaze as it says cannot connect to phone.

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Waiting for version 2. These software issues will make or break a company and the longer this goes on the more customers will be unhappy and look elsewhere.

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Edit: Ok, so I've updated to Fibit app version 2. Still plenty of bluetooth issues and sync errors. Got my hopes up that these issues might be fixed in new release. It never occurred to me that compatibility with my Moto Z would be a problem. No other app has let me down like this.

Is this a Fitbit issue to address or Moto issue to address? Fitbit won't give progress updates on whether devices are being tested or when they'll be added. I'm following the android compatibility list closely, new devices are not being added frequently.

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There are plenty of phones from previous years that are yet to be tested. I have a Moto Z droid and got my fitbit one to sync for the past 4 months, until the last update they did last week, what happened? I have a Charge HR that is on its last legs. Love the phone, less than impressed with the quality of FitBit. You can add more fun to your videos by shooting them in slow motion. It also comes with a flash to make your selfies clear and bright, even in low light. Say cheese! The quad-core processor clocks at a blazing speed of 1. With the Adreno GPU, you can play games faster.

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The Moto Z runs on Android Marshmallow, which makes it remarkably intuitive and incredibly easy to use. With features such as Doze and App Standby, it helps in extending your battery life. Now make your phone respond to you with smart motions and gestures with Moto Actions. Open the camera with a twist of your wrist or activate the do-not-disturb mode by placing the phone face down on a surface. Now get answers to all your questions even without touching your phone with the Moto Voice Feature. Certified Buyer , Mumbai.

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