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Buy the Galaxy A50 from Sprint? Looking for a great phone this Black Friday? Budget phones have quickly mimicked this design , and the Galaxy A50 is no different.

On the front, you get a slim bezel around the screen. The A50 looks contemporary. Around back, the A50 looks much like the iPhone XS , with a vertical camera setup in the top left corner.

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Ours came in glossy black, which showed rainbow-like effects when light caught the back. The rear is made of plastic that looks like glass but feels cheap to the touch. The A50 is slippery, too. The rear of the A50 is a bit dull. I think the Pixel 3a is more attractive. Still, it gets the job done, and the bezel-less screen is the real treat. The 6.

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The Pixel 3a has a Samsung-made screen , after all. However, the A50 earns a bonus point because videos, movies, and games look more immersive thanks to its bezel-less design. Does audio quality help immersion? Not exactly.

Samsung Galaxy A50, A30, A20: How to Lock Apps and Use Secure Folder

It can be difficult to hear audio when outdoors in noisy environments, even with the volume cranked to the max. Unlike most Android phones in the U. The Pixel 3a also feels more fluid, while the A50 few stutters here and there. Take Google Maps, for example.

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Moving around the map is smooth on the Pixel phone, but you can see occasional lag on the A The benchmark back this up. Still, the Galaxy A50 is a perfectly capable phone. Even gaming is possible. I reviewed the Verizon Galaxy A50, which is pre-installed with many apps and games. Thankfully, I was able to uninstall most of the bloatware. The Pixel has smarter features in software, like Call Screen , which protects you from robocalls, and Now Playing , which detects and displays music playing in your surroundings.

Software updates are a concern, too. Samsung is notoriously slow to deliver Android version.

On a more positive note, Samsung is following through with monthly security updates for several devices. That means you can expect the Pixel 3a to run Android S in Updates are important. The Samsung Galaxy A50 has a triple-camera system on the rear. You can quickly access Secure Folder on your Galaxy A-series smartphone from the shortcut in the app drawer.

For security purposes, Secure Folder cannot be unlocked using face unlock. The best part about Secure Folder is just how secure it is. You cannot easily share data from apps stored inside Secure Folder with other apps that are not a part of the folder. Plus, the data of all apps inside Secure Folder is kept separate from. You will automatically receive notifications from all apps that are moved to Secure Folder.

However, the details of these notifications will be hidden by default. Whenever you move an app to Secure Folder, a secondary secure copy is automatically created.

You will have to set up the Secure Folder version of the app again as data from your originally installed app will not be carried forward. This is a side effect of the additional security that is offered by Secure Folder. If you can look past this issue though, Secure Folder on the Galaxy A20, A30, A50, and other A-series smartphone is easily the best and safest way to secure your files and apps. Drop a comment and let us know!

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