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The secondary camera has a megapixel sensor and a degree wide angle of view. The front camera has a megapixel fixed-focus camera with face detection. The AI features include intelligent motion tracking for constant focus, smart portraiture, and better slow motion. It will proactively shut down background apps that are draining power. The battery supports rapid charging and Qi-based wireless charging. Last of the major features are stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos for clear, loud sound.

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The phone ships with Android 8. ZTE says the device is chiefly intended for overseas markets. ZTE has a press conference scheduled for August 30, which is when the device will be unveiled. ZTE has been quiet since the spring months when the U. ZTE was forced to pay a fine and agree to replace many of its executives to appease the U.

It also had to install a U. It didn't resume full operations until July. ZTE did not provide any details about its new flagship phone. The Axon 7 flagship debuted in the summer of Australia has banned Huawei from supplying equipment for future 5G mobile networks. Australia made the argument that Huawei poses a threat to its national security.

Huawei is one of the world's largest suppliers of telecommunication's gear.

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Chinese firms are required to help the Chinese government engage in espionage when asked. Huawei says China-based ZTE is also being prevented from supplying 5G networking gear to Australian wireless companies. China said the move was an "excuse to artificially erect barriers and conduct discriminatory practices.

The Defense Authorization Act is an annual piece of legislation that provides funding to the military. Congress added language to the act that makes it illegal for any government employee to buy or use devices or components from either Huawei or ZTE, both of which are considered by some to be security threats. The move puts a bookmark at the end of a tumultuous year for Huawei and ZTE, which have seen their U.

Later, ZTE was hit with a ban on using U. ZTE was forced to pay a significant fine and agree to other conditions in order to get back to business. The ban on government use of Huawei and ZTE gear goes into effect over the next two years. The Trump administration says they represent a security risk.

Best Buy also stopped selling Huawei devices. Huawei phones are not sold on military bases. Neither Huawei nor ZTE commented on the matter.

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Earlier this year, the Commerce Department said ZTE lied about a previous settlement and banned the company from using American parts or software in its phonres for a period of seven years. The ban crippled ZTE, but was eventually overturned by the Trump administration.

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ZTE got back to business earlier this month. Seeking to block Trump from easing up on the ban, members of the Senate added language to the NDAA that sould have made it difficult for Trump to get around the ban. Commerce Department has lifted its ban on U. The company can now resume operations, after all but shutting down since April due to the ban. The company is highly dependent on U. Today's action marks the end of a years-long saga that started when ZTE was caught selling equipment to North Korea and Iran in violation of a U. With these steps complete, the U.

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Commerce Dept. In the meantime, the government has granted ZTE a one-month waiver allowing it to resume providing support for its products for the month of July. The deal to lift the ban was announced last month, and has President Trump's strong support. In Congress, the Senate version of a pending defense-policy bill would override the Commerce Dept. The House version of the bill does not contain that language, a difference that remains to be reconciled. ZTE is nearly ready to install a new board of directors, a step required by the U.

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Department of Commerce if the company wants to end the ban on U. The company held its annual general meeting in Shenzhen this week where shareholders voted on this and other matters.

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ZTE is expected to name eight new members to its board. In addition to the new board, the Commerce Department wants all executives at or above the senior vice president level to be fired, along with any execs who played a role in the wrongdoing. ZTE will also have to put in place a U. Even if it does, it is unclear when the company might be allowed to get back to business. A number of senators and congressmen want the ban to remain in place.

Since the ban went into effect, ZTE has been largely idle. The new board may be voted in as soon as today. Department of Commerce. The fine is part of a new agreement the company reached with the government in an attempt to end the destructive ban that prevents it from buying U. The company was punished for breaking a settlement over illegal sales to Iran and North Korea.

ZTE misrepresented to U. The new agreement was brokered by the Trump administration, but it is encountering resistance from members of Congress. It's unclear if or when the Trump administration and Congress will reach a final agreement over the company's fate. ZTE will be the topic of discussion at a meeting today between President Trump and members of the Senate and House of Representatives, reports Reuters.

How to block messages on zte blade

The administration and lawmakers have different viewpoints on what to do with ZTE. The company was caught lying about a settlement over exports to Iran and North Korea in violation of sanctions. As a result, the Department of Commerce banned U. The ban has effectively put ZTE out of business, as it is unable to buy the components it needs to make phones. The Trump administration wants the ban lifted and the Commerce Department agreed to a new fine along with required management changes at ZTE.

Members of the Senate and House, however, contend that ZTE's punishment was fair and should be upheld. Despite the Commerce Department agreement, Senators added language to the NDAA that keeps the sanctions in place, putting it at odds with the Trump administration. The White House confirmed that the meeting will take place, but did not specify the attendees.

The Senate approved legislation that would see the ban against ZTE remain in place. ZTE was sanctioned for violating the terms of a settlement agreement over unlawful sales to Iran and North Korea. Beginning in April, the company was cut off from U. The company has largely been idle since. It's unclear how the Senate, House, and President will resolve the issue. This spec is for 5G networks that are developed on their own, apart from legacy or pre-existing networks.