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That announcement says that it will come to a number of models - although the timeframe for the final OTA update hasn't been confirmed. There's the loose suggestion from LG that updates will be within the year, but it's not clear if that's within , or within a full year. Motorola has fairly raw Android phones with little customisation, but that doesn't always result in rapid updates.

Here are the best Xiaomi phones you can buy — Our top picks

Nokia's record with updates is good. The company uses Android One on most of its devices and successfully updated most of its devices to Android Pie before anyone else. We'd expect the same for Android Nokia has also confirmed that many of its phones will receive the Android 10 update, and when they're due to land. Depending on which model you have, you could see the rollout hit your phone anytime from Q4 through to Q2 The Nokia 8. OnePlus is good with updates. Not only does it move quickly to update its newer devices, but we see this rolling back to older phones too.

It also has a wide range of devices in the Android 10 beta. These phones are confirmed by OnePlus to get Android Oppo is rather more new to global markets so we've not been through the Android update process as we have with other manufacturers. Oppo has put the standard Reno in the 10 beta, however, so we know it will get the final version.

Oppo has also published and updated Android 10 roadmaps for the update. The update will arrive with ColorOS 7.

When is Android 10 coming to my phone?

Razer has said that it is interested in pushing out an update, but there's no timeline on if or when it might happen. Realme is the budget brand of Oppo and although it's just getting started in its global march, it's also on the Android 10 beta, so there's some hope for a rapid update. It looks like some Redmi flagship devices will be updated to Android 10 following a tweet suggesting that these devices will see some Android 10 action:. Samsung doesn't feel the need to update rapidly and in the past has been slow - but with Android 10 it appears to be moving a little faster. There's been a beta for One UI 2 with Android 10 and the stable version has started rolling out to some devices in some regions.

A longer list was shared from the Samsung Members app , giving a breakdown for the UK. Sony's record on updates isn't great, but it does have the Xperia XZ3 in the Q beta. That's good news, because the phone is likely to be able to move to the final build soon after it goes live. Originally a list was shared by Japanese network NTT Docomo , but there's now been an official blog post from Sony confirming models and a timeframe. Vivo has a couple of phones on the beta list for Android 10, so that's confirmation of a couple of devices that will definitely get the update.

Its physical buttons are distinguishable too and are easy to find when holding the device in your hand. Moreover, they sit firmly within their housings and have sharp pressure points. We are not fans of the large rear-facing camera array though, which protrudes several millimetres away from the back glass and prevents it from lying stably on a table or flat surface.


Best Displays , for University Students. The device makes use of Miracast too for wirelessly streaming its display to external monitors and TVs. However, Xiaomi has certified the global model with Widevine L1, so it does not have the same limitation as its Chinese counterpart. The midrange smartphone features an infrared transmitter too along with an in-display fingerprint scanner and face-unlock technology.

The device does not support Qi wireless charging. Our review unit is the GB model for reference, which had approximately The SE does not have expandable memory, so you must rely on cloud storage if you run out of space on the device. Our test device had the Chinese stable The Chinese model only has Chinese and English language options so we would recommend considering the global edition if you prefer to use your smartphone in another language.

As we mentioned earlier in this review, the Chinese version does not come with any Google software preinstalled, so that means no Google Play Services and no Google Play Store.

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Xiaomi preinstalls its Google alternatives, but it is possible to install the Play Store should you need it. We would recommend doing some research before trying to do so though, as some apps like Netflix may not install even if you get the Play Store working. By contrast, the global edition does not have any of these usability issues.

It even has other languages besides Chinese and English preinstalled too. MIUI 10 is colourful and relatively intuitive, but it may take some acclimatisation for Android regulars. Other elements are similar to stock Android though, like the pull-down notifications and Quick Settings.

However, the main settings menu looks completely different, while Xiaomi arranges the Recents pane vertically with two apps side-by-side, which is something that we had not seen before.

Xiaomi Mi 9T Review

The OS has a white theme by default, but you can change this with the included Themes app should you wish to do so. Xiaomi has not imposed any restrictions in this regard. The SE supports Bluetooth 5. We have come to expect Bluetooth and NFC connectivity with modern smartphones but having an integrated IR blaster remains something of a rarity. In everyday use, our review unit maintained decent, albeit somewhat unstable, Wi-Fi reception as our iperf3 Client comparison tables below demonstrate.

The device achieved a dBm attenuation when connected and placed next to our Telekom Speedport WV router, which is impressively low. Overall, the SE has fast Wi-Fi connectivity even if its speeds jump around a bit too much for our liking. This should not impact on using the device daily though. The device can find a satellite quickly too regardless of whether we tested it indoors or outdoors.

We also took the SE on a bike ride with our trusty Garmin Edge to compare their location accuracy. Only 80 metres separated the routes that they recorded us having cycled over a 9. The SE only made minor deviations from the route that the Garmin plotted too. In short, the device is accurate enough for all general navigation tasks like cycling, driving or walking.

ARCore supported devices

You should experience no issues with using the SE for turn-by-turn navigations during any of these scenarios. Xiaomi preinstalls its phone app instead of the Google one. The app functions like almost every other phone app though with its collapsible keypad, call history menu and quick access to your contacts. However, your carrier must provision a device before it can use VoLTE on its network. You will experience the same issues with the global edition too unless a specific carrier starts selling the device. The voice quality of our review unit is decent.

We also experienced no disturbing dropouts or reception problems during our time with the device. Photos even look well-lit in increasingly dark conditions too and have solid dynamics thanks to HDR support. Xiaomi has also integrated an AI-based beauty mode that gives you endless options for tweaking the look of your selfies. The SE tends to overexpose selfies for our liking though, as is often the case with front-facing cameras. The SE also has three rear-facing cameras just like its bigger sibling.

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  7. Xiaomi claims that it has covered the camera housing in a sapphire glass layer. Instead, it scratches at a level 6, with deeper grooves at a level 7. In short, this method should theoretically help you take better low-light photos than other older sensors would.

    1. Introduction

    The interpolated 12 MP photos look especially impressive in daylight. Our test shots are detailed and have good colour reproduction, along with an even distribution of sharpness across the whole scene. The dynamic range could be better though, while low-light shots are dominated by noticeable image noise. Scene 3, for example, also looks comparatively blurry. The camera exposes the scene well though. Our review unit generally lives up to expectations here, although there are a few visible artefacts.