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OList in an online platform where buyers can meet sellers. It is an marketplace that allows sellers to upload information about products or services they want to put-up for sale for interested buyers to connect with them. It is more or less like a classified Ads website. This article will be useful to those interested […]. There are a few things that you need to think about when you are buying a new smartphone. Some of them include whether the battery is big enough and even if it supports fast charging as well.

If you want to help yourself even more then it helps to have… [Read More]. The Poco X2 fills the gap of the long-awaited Poco F1 successor. Despite being a successor to the Poco F1, the Poco X2 packs in mid-range specs, in a chassis that accrues it the title of a Xiaomi Xiaomi Redmi K30 twin. In this article, we explore the Poco X2 specs and price. Unlike restoring phones bootloader lock by flashing or using 3rd party tools, with Sigma bootloader will be restored to its initial factory state without any traces left in the firmware.

It might be useful in case you need to obtain warranty service. A lot of general minor improvements were made. Huawei U, U and more The last bastion of Huawei smartphones has been conquered. New supported models, no more messing with locked bootloaders, faster IMEI repair and theres much more. Get more satisfied customers without additional expenses! Release Notes: Qualcomm platform update: 1.

Now you dont need to unlock bootloader of the device before actual SP-unlocking! IMEI will be repaired much faster in this mode. Now you dont need to fill in long forms, send them to Huawei server and wait days for password to arrive. No need to root your smartphone.

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With Sigma youll get the password instantly and reset it easily. May 13 Sigma Software v1. April 26 Sigma Software v1. While others make promises, we give solutions! You are welcome to test Repair feature and make feedbacks. First in the world! No flashing required! This solution is free for all Sigma owners! The manual is here. Added repair feature for some ZTE Android smartphones. In case Sigma detects corrupted security data file in the phone, it will be repaired requires users permission.

April 17 Sigma Box Software v1. No more flashing after the procedure, just one compatible USB cable and youre all done. Save your time and money with Sigma! Your clients wont have to wait anymore! No further actions required! Improved Repair procedure for Huawei smartphones. April 04 Sigma Software v1.

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March 29 Sigma Software v1. March 12 Sigma Software v1. With this version of Sigma you get support for ZTE T96, a big amount of firmware versions supported for Fast Direct Unlock and a set of newly tested and supported mobile devices. Also, as a result of conducted analysis, a list of supported models was widely expanded.

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Please send dump files to support to add these phones in the further updates. February 18 Sigma Software v1. Detailed manuals and drivers are located at the official Sigma website in the MTK section.

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January 25 Sigma Software v1. January 22 Sigma Software v1. January 17 Sigma Software 1. Just connect the smartphone and press Unlock button. Made some minor improvements to the MTK module. December 28 SigmaKey Software v1. Release Notes: 1. Introduced minor improvements to the MTK module. December 19 SigmaKey Software v1. A special present for our Belarusian partners. This solution can also be used for remote unlocking.

December 13 SigmaKey Software v1. Also added other new features and made some improvements for a wide range of phones and smartphones. Release Notes: Qualcomm updates: 1. Improved connection procedure with Huawei UD 4. Please note that unlocking procedure for this phone is slightly different, it has to be connected in turned on state. At this moment, if your phone has locked bootloader, you can either request free unlock password on Huawei official web site, or use 3rd party tools. November 26 Sigma Software v1. If incorrect unlock code was entered too many times and device rejects even correct unlock code, you should perform Direct Unlock procedure.

ZTE F 2 n. ZTE T6 1 n. October 10 Sigma Software v1. If the counter of code entries attempts is blocked, you should use Direct Unlock feature. You will find well-described manuals and required software and drivers on the official Sigma website, as usual. October 09 SigmaKey Software v1. This time we give more ZTE phones and quite a few supported for Unlock firmwares. Read Dump for Qualcomm-based ZTE cell phones: If both primary and extended heuristic methods fail, now there is a possibility to read dump from the phone.

Please send dumps to support, so unsupported models can be added in the next updates. Lets see what you get with this update: 1. Please read them in the Help section of the official web site. Added extended heuristic method for unlocking ZTE cell phones. This is the only solution on the market that helps to unlock cell phones with unknown firmware version.

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More firmware versions now supported for the Fast Direct Unlock. We are grateful to everyone whove sent us the logs. Today we give you over 60 models! As always, procedure takes several seconds per phone and requires USB cable only. With this update you get: 1. Unique solution on the market - Heuristic method of unlocking is now available for the specified above ZTE phones as well! Motorola Android models: more new firmware versions supported for fast Direct Unlock. Motorola Defy Mini XT improved communication.

Please use only new firmwares for flashing. Supported two more firmware versions for Motorola MB fast direct unlock. Improved Spanish translation of the Sigma software.