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Although this has been an option for smart speakers for some time, this is the introduction of this feature on a smartphone.

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It can help save you a little bit of battery life, too. Now Playing is a hidden gem exclusively available on Pixel phones. Introduced in the Pixel 2, the feature detects and identifies music around you, adding them to a neat and tidy, chronologically sorted archive for you to look back at later. You can have it identify songs discretely, sending them to the master log, or have it also show the name of songs on the lock screen.

On the same screen, you can view the master log under Now Playing History. You can even mask profanity and enable sound labeling for things like laughter. Right now the feature works in English only, but more languages are coming soon, as is support for the Pixel 3 line and other Android 10 devices. Tap that icon to toggle on or off Live Captions.

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These include waving over the phone to snooze an alarm, silence a call, or skip a song, as well as reaching to the phone to check notifications. As we note in our review, waving to snooze an alarm is a feature that we love for being way too easy. Meant to help you minimize distractions from your phone, Flip to Shhh puts your Pixel in Do Not Disturb mode when the phone is placed face down on a flat surface.

With Android 10, Google officially switched over to gesture-based navigation by default.

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Currently, there are still slide-over menus that would typically be accessed through a swipe back — the same gesture that now acts as a back function. These menus now must be accessed by tapping on the left edge of the screen and holding for a beat until you can pull to the right to access the menu hiding underneath. But, if you miss it, and the traditional three-button navigation bar, you can certainly get them back. Note, you might have some trouble getting Google Assistant to work at the moment.

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Is the Huawei Mate 30 worth its price? Not outside China. Watch these adorable robots frolic in leaves. CVS just delivered its first prescriptions via drone. See Apple's new AirPods Pro. I report on technology. And I got hacked. In the process, Google has clearly attempted to drum up consumer excitement for the device ahead of its official launch alongside other new hardware products at an event in New York City on Tuesday.

But the company has also arguably created a different challenge for itself: What else can Google say to hype up its flagship phone at the event that wasn't known before? Here's what information is out there already: The Pixel is expected to finally trade in its one rear camera for two -- a move in line with most smartphones on the market but still one short of the iPhone 11 Pro's three rear-camera offering. The cameras will be tucked into a square-like fixture on the top left of the device, closely resembling Apple's new camera structure.

The Pixel 4, which is expected to come in standard and XL sizes, features a Soli radar chip to enable more secure facial recognition and air gestures, as demoed in a video promo on YouTube. Photos have circulated of the Pixel 4 in various colors, including a new orange that was featured in a giant Times Square billboard promoting the launch event. The new features will likely "keep Google in the conversation but not necessarily bring it ahead," according to Ramon Llamas, research director at market research firm IDC. The biggest thing Apple didn't announce at its iPhone event.

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Google doesn't even break out phone sales when it reports quarterly earnings results, instead lumping it into a product category it calls "other revenue. The Pixel has remained a largely niche product due to relatively high pricing and limited distribution -- it's only available in the US, exclusively on Verizon. Customers can buy an unlocked version from Google or another retail store, but they'll end up paying full price.

It could launch soon on more carriers, possibly on Sprint , but a global expansion is unlikely as of now.

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Google also faces the same challenges as its competitors: a saturated smartphone market and consumers who are waiting longer to upgrade their perfectly fine older devices.