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Now I can only unlock the phone with a password that can only be obtained from the admin of the company which installed the Knox security. Is there any possible method of unlocking it? The developer mode is not activated. I cannot put the phone to download mode as it is not allowed through MDM. Thanks in advance for your help. How that guy sold you the Business phone? Leave it. Even If we flashed the other firmware, The Default apps will come again.

What is your Current Build Number? Hi, I have gFN xcover4s MDM locked — Knox cloud cant enter in download mode no developer option all function is limited by mob control cant uninstall this mob control ou deactivate it, no safe mode cant do anything help me there is a solution, please. Probably your mobile is Industrial Edition. You should disable the Knox. I bought a Galaxy S7 on eBay, and Knox locks it. What is the best way to get this to be usable? Please provide detail because I am new to phone tinkering. How do I re-enable Knox or check its integrity?

I previously fiddled around with it, and like disabled or uninstall some parts of Knox. This does not happen for my Samsung Note8. Please help if you can. You can re-enable all the systems using pm enable command. Which Knox apps you block, use the enable command. By the way, Selva, I am looking to completely disable wifi on the Samsung devices, which is why researching into MDM software.

But if there are any other ways you can suggest doing this, I will much appreciate it. Thank you very much. No problem. We always treat our users, like friends. When your problem solved, We will be happier than you. Hello, Selva Ganesh.

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You seem to know this phone well. Is the seven days stuff SIM card inside the phone and no reboot or power off for seven days still working at this moment Mar ? And could You please correct my steps with instructions on how to do it? After this period, the KG state will be back to normal in Odin download mode.

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As per my knowledge, I think you flashed the different firmware manually, probably different model numbers or regions. When you flash the firmware within the same model number, there will be no issues. But, in your current situation, I advise you to wait for the period and check what happens.

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Based on the result, We can do further process. I assume you have a live mobile condition.

But, We resolve this issue in one of our mobiles by using this method. Disable Auto Date and Time. Change time and date to 30 Days from the current date. Connect to Wi-Fi and Check with the Software update option.

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It should say no update available. If you get the update, install it. Restart your mobile. Good morning Sir. Live Mobile condition- You can access your regular phone apps like that. For example, you can make a call. Change After 30 Days. When you make the update, you will lose root access if you have.

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