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If you'd like to make it possible for someone to call your emergency contacts from the lock screen, you'll need to add phone numbers to the "ICE In Case of Emergency " Contacts group in the contacts app. First open the Contacts app, then tap the "Groups" button in the top right corner. Tap on the "ICE - emergency contacts" group, and add your emergency contacts. Then hit "Save.

How to locate or track a vivo V15 Pro

To enable the calling of emergency contacts from the lock screen, you'll need to make sure your phone is locked first. Then go to the lock screen without actually unlocking it.

Hold the phone icon and drag it to the center. If nothing else, the Nex S demonstrated an ingenious — if imperfect — means of maximizing screen real estate without a notch, pinhole cutout, or motorized slider. Like the Nex S, the V15 Pro has a mechanized front-facing camera — this one packing a megapixel sensor.

Vivo V15 Pro - 'Affordable' all-screen phone with pop-up camera

And other refinements abound, like slimmer bezels it has a But as with the Nex S, a few niggling issues make it tough to recommend. To that end, the bezels measure just 1. The Vivo feels more top-heavy than the Nex S, which makes intuitive sense — the top portion houses the mechanical front-facing camera and triple-sensor rear camera, in addition to a 3. Two finishes are available at launch: Topaz Blue and Coral Red. Our review unit is the former.


But unlike most of the competition, it has a secret weapon: A megapixel sensor more on that later. In tandem with a Night Sight -inspired AI Super Night Mode that snaps several pics at different exposures and combines them to achieve better brightness and clarity, this helps the V15 Pro hold its own in dark environments, ostensibly, at least.

The wide-angle camera works as advertised, in my limited testing. AI Scene Identification identifies 17 different scenes — including people, nighttime settings, flowers and plants, and food — and automatically adjusts certain settings accordingly. I left this enabled for the most part.

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Face Beauty — a carryover from the Nex S — somewhat creepily analyzes things like skin type, tone, gender, and age and attempts to smooth away wrinkles and blemishes. If you are just removing an app temporarily — for instance, to make space for an operating system update — feel free to leave the data there, so it will still be available when you put the app back onto your device later. Finally, some apps are not able to be removed. Thankfully, even though you cannot remove these apps without rooting your phone here is our guide on rooting your Android phone if you are interested in that , you can usually disable them, and we added small notes to each of our guides to highlight how you can do this.

But be warned — be sure you know what you are disabling.

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  8. If you need a more in-depth guide to purging your phone of these apps, then check out our guide on removing bloatware. Stock Android is the base level of Android, as created by Google. That should ensure that the offending app — while not removed totally — cannot be activated or impact your day-to-day activity.

    Previously known as TouchWiz , it was maligned as one of the worst Android skins in the world — to the point where Google almost stepped in to make it better.