Cellphone Samsung Galaxy A5 listening program

Find " Voicemail number ". Tap Phone.

How to Get Your Android to work on Car Radios

Tap the menu icon. Tap Settings.

External microphone plugged into the micro-USB port for Android

Tap Voicemail settings. Tap Voicemail number. Tap the Home key to return to the home screen. Share this article via email! Just fill in these details and the characters in the box.

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Samsung Galaxy A5 Share guide: Link copied! View Device specs.

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Popular guides. List of screen icons Choose message tone Choose settings for voice control Use video recorder Delete email account. Getting started. Basic functions. Calls and voicemail. Apps and media. SyncMate, as its name suggests, enables you to synchronize different types of content between your Mac and Android device. Since our main concern here is music, select Music in the list displayed and we are good to go. SyncMate transfers Music organized by playlists, albums, artists and genres with their metadata and album covers.

Dolby Atmos for Mobile Devices

Now you can disconnect your phone and enjoy your favorite tunes! Download Smart Switch on Mac from Samsung's official website, install and launch it. The system will detect it and display in the left sidebar of Smart Switch window. The Android File Transfer software should open automatically and display the files you have on your device. Next, you need to find the iTunes folder on your Mac computer. Syncios will then load your iTunes music into the transfer window on the application. There will be a menu on the left — choose iTunes Music and Playlists from the drop-down list. Do not disconnect your iPhone or Samsung phone during the transfer process or you will risk losing your data.

Try TunesGo to transfer iTunes to Android TunesGo is another application that allows you to sync iTunes to your Android device, as well as backup your music from pretty much any mobile device. This software prides itself on being extremely easy to use. In the top left-hand corner of the app, you should see that your mobile device is connected. Click on that. Once you click the button, a menu will pop up asking you to confirm the transfer.

Account Options

Once your device is connected, the software will display the space available on your device. Once the syncing process is complete, you can start playing your iTunes music on both your PC and your Android device via most music playback apps.

Transfer iTunes to Samsung via USB Manually transferring music from iTunes to your Android device can be a bit tedious, especially if you have a large library of music. Connect your Android device to your computer via a USB cable. Your phone might prompt you to adjust your settings to allow for file transfer.

Now you can add iTunes music from your computer via browsing in Finder or just dragging and dropping. All done! Now you can listen to your iTunes on your Android device. Of course, you can. Using this function, all the folders and files of your Android device, both external and internal, will be available in Finder.

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Are all Android phone versions supported? All Samsung Android devices, as well as other manufacturers, that run Android above 4.

Samsung Galaxy A5

Our software communicates with the Operating System rather than the phone model. Indeed, SyncMate is an excellent alternative for Android File Transfer Mac , giving you even more functions to work with. You will be able to transfer data between macOS and Android through the Mount Disk option that shows all your folder in Finder. And even more than that, you are given the possibility to sync data between the apps in Samsung and macOS.

How to Get iTunes for Android Device

SyncMate allows you to connect and sync as many Android tablets or phones as you wish with a macOS computer. Why not simply use Google services? With Google services you are forced to update the data across all the devices that are connected to the Google account while SyncMate gives you the option to choose the exact device or account that will be synced. Also, using SyncMate allows you to choose a specific group of contacts or a folder to transfer from Mac OS to Android. Another strong feature for the SyncMate is the fact that it allows you to select the direction of sync for each plugin - bi-directional, Android to Mac or Mac to Android - while Google services only offer bidirectional syncing.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with some worthwhile info on the different methods of syncing your iTunes music files between your Mac and Samsung Android. Some are much easier to use than others, but that usually means you have to pay to play. Some might not think the extra features and risk of downloading a syncing software are worth it, and we get that. SyncMate Expert 4. Download Total downloads: , Recent posts. Sync iCloud calendar with Android. Android File Transfer Mac not working.