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Google and Microsoft both have a large selection of widgets, and even Apple has an Android widget for its Apple Music player. In my experience, widgets are best used sparingly, but they really can improve productivity. For its first decade or so, iPhone had one and only one button, which you could tap, double-tap, or press and hold to accomplish tasks. Android, by contrast, historically included a row of three soft buttons along the bottom.

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The Home and Recents buttons function pretty much the same as the tap and double-tap options on a classic iPhone, but the Back button is unique. On both platform, the dedicated app buttons are slowly disappearing, replaced by a series of gestures, but the concept of a dedicated Back function in Android remains. App developers try all sorts of tricks to replicate that functionality in iOS apps, with mixed results, but I miss the Back button every time I use an iPhone for any length of time.

There is some sort of algorithm that governs the display of notifications on the iPhone home screen, but I'll be damned if I can figure it out. Sometimes there's a big X that you can tap to clear older notifications; other times the only way to get rid of notifications is one at a time. On Android devices, both tasks are much simpler. When you swipe down to display current notifications, there's a Clear All button at the bottom of the list.

There's also a Manage Notifications link that jumps directly to the associated page in Settings, where you can customize options for each app. Those are small touches, but they reduce friction and make everyday usability much better. Foldable Motorola Razr.

Motorola's new take on its beloved flip phone is here. It's a Verizon Wireless exclusive. Learn how to pre-order here. On either mobile platform, browsers use the underlying engine supplied by the operating system. The main reason for using an alternate browser is to save and sync shortcuts, tabs, passwords, and history across devices. On an iPhone, you can define Open With settings on a per-app basis, so the Gmail app opens links in Chrome or Outlook opens links in Edge. But you can't define that browser preference systemwide, so if you open a link from another app, it will almost certainly open in Safari.

That's not a problem in Android, thanks to the Default Apps setting, where you can specify which browser you want to use for links. While there, you can also choose alternate apps to use for phone calls, SMS messages, voice assist, and tap-to-pay functions, too. No matter who makes your mobile device, it will have Volume Up and Volume Down buttons on the side. It will also have separate, software-based volume controls. But iOS and Android handle those controls in very different ways. Choose a volume for the ringer, and you're done. Android, by contrast, has the option to allow different volume settings for calls, media, notifications, alarms, and ringtones.

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That's especially useful on long road trips, where you can mute notification sounds so that they don't interrupt the music you're listening to. That's my list. If you've got a different set of annoyances or a workaround I missed here, please leave a comment. Remote support essentials: 4 steps you can take now to keep friends and family connected.

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You may unsubscribe from these newsletters at any time. You may unsubscribe at any time. By signing up, you agree to receive the selected newsletter s which you may unsubscribe from at any time. Read our full Google Pixel 3a review. Not everyone wants or needs a ginormous phone. The Samsung Galaxy S20 answers the call for a one-hand-friendly handset with a 6. It's also a silky smooth OLED panel, thanks to a Hz refresh rate that makes scrolling and gaming feel more responsive. Speaking of speed, the Galaxy S20 has plenty of it, starting with a Snapdragon processor that delivers the best performance we've seen from an Android phone.

And you get even more speed if you live in an area with 5G coverage. Just keep in mind that a Verizon version of this phone will be coming later. The Galaxy S20's triple camera system delivered very good results, even in low light, and it's 3x lossless zoom lets you get closer to the action than most other phones. The only strike against this handset is below-average battery life, but overall it's one of the best phones around.

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Read our full Samsung Galaxy S20 review. Samsung spared no expense with the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which manages to pack in an impressive array of premium features — from a vast 6. Samsung really pushed out the boat here, too, turning to a quadruple camera array highlighted by a MP wide angle lens and 48MP telephoto shooter. That latter feature can produce a 10x lossless zoom that really captures detail at a distance.

The end result is a camera phone that produces shots that top what the iPhone 11 Pro can do, though some autofocus issues have emerged with the Galaxy S20 Ultra that would be irritating in any phone, let alone one that costs as much as Samsung's latest. Samsung is promising a fix to the Galaxy S20 Ultra's camera problems. That brings up another big issue with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: By not sparing any expense, Samsung passes those expenses on to you.

Still, the Galaxy S20 Ultra is a testament to just how much power companies like Samsung can pack into a smartphone these days. Read our full Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra review. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus is the best phone if you want the biggest display possible. This flagship sports a ginormous 6. You'll soon have a cheaper alternative to the Note 10 in the Galaxy Note 10 Lite , which has a massive 6. But if you need some of the best performance and battery in a phablet, the Note 10 Plus is still well worth the premium.

Read our full Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus review. The Pixel 4 XL is an excellent choice if you want the best Android camera phone. It offers a telephoto lens with 2x optical zoom. Combine that with Google's Super Res Zoom and you can get detailed, clear photos even with an 8x hybrid zoom. There's also dual exposure controls to tweak brightness and shadows, AI-powered white balance for more accurate colors and an improved Night Sight low-light mode that can capture clear images of the night sky.

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We just wish that the 6. Read our full Google Pixel 4 XL review.

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That includes a bright and colorful 6. The best part is the battery life, as the iPhone XR lasted 11 hours and 28 minutes on our web surfing battery test. But for now the iPhone XR continues to be a very good value. Read our full iPhone XR review. The Galaxy S10e proves that you don't need a big screen or a big price tag to get one of the best phones. After signing up, simply sync your devices with it, sit back, and relax. When your phone goes missing, all you have to do is find a computer, log into your account, and start tracking.

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The Camouflage feature has been removed from Android. The app is more of a complete package, offering virus scanning and protection, backup options, and power saving — as well as anti-theft options. Avast is offering an all-in-one package for device protection from viruses and thieves as a paid premium service. In that case, we recommend using a GPS tracking service. There are a few options out there, but AccuTracking is a good choice that works well. The service uses GPS to track the location of your phone — and lucky for you, it works with a wide variety of feature phones.

There are still some easy ways to get it back. There are also options for locking your device, resetting your PIN remotely, and erasing stored data. You can even add a recovery message or phone number to the lock screen to boost your chances of getting it back, or prompt your device to play a sound in the event it may be nearby. Updated versions include support for indoor use to help you find your device in airports, malls, or other large buildings. If you own an iPhone you can use the Find My iPhone app. This feature has been a part of iOS since version 5, so no download is necessary.