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OnePlus 7 Pro - 30 Days Later - Best Smartphone Ever?

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OnePlus 7 Pro review: awesome screen and speed are unrivalled, the price is not | T3

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OnePlus 7 Pro Review: Display, Design

AllenLau , Jun 19, : Don't be ridiculous!! You ain't buying a specially tailored corporate phone, meaning that they can hack or spy on you easily -- with or without preinstalling the spyware -- by ALL the governments, hacker groups, cyber criminals After all, you are giving out all your information through social media whatsoever When compared to the previous model of the series, 3T has better camera, better battery, and offers a GB option.

Equipped with the Snapdragon processor, the OnePlus 3T is fast and highly efficient. The special OnePlus charging technology allows for quick charges without overheating, and the battery of 3, mAh would last for many hours.

Here’s another way OnePlus might hide the cameras on its phones

One of the most useful things about this particular model is the top-quality software. The device offers a wide array of gesture-control features as well as an opportunity to tweak icons and customize just about anything.

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