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NASA accepts applications for astronauts for the first time in four years. SpaceX lost another Falcon booster to the sea. The G7 has a few new camera tricks, but one standout feature is its emphasis on artificial intelligence. The camera identifies more than a thousand objects and images, recognize scenes into eight different categories and apply 18 kinds of photo settings. So if you're snapping photos of fruit, a cityscape, a flower or just whatever, it'll recognize it and adjust accordingly.

The camera can also sense when the environment is too dark and will let you know it can turn up the brightness levels. LG made it more straightforward to snap portrait photos, whether or not you're using the rear or front-facing shooter.

LG G7 ThinQ review: A shining star

Though you technically could have taken these bokeh-style photos with blurred background on the G6 using manual configurations, with the G7 you just have to tap to the mode and snap a photo. The G7 has a hotkey on the left for Google Assistant, similar to Samsung's button for its Bixby assistant on Galaxy phones. Just like the Pixel 2 phones when you squeeze their sides, only Assistant launches.

You can't make it open something else.

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  • It's rated IP68, meaning you can dunk it in about 3 feet 1 meter of water for 30 minutes and it'll survive. As a high-end Android phone, the G7's toughest competitor will be the Galaxy S9, which launched in March. If pricing remains the same as the G6, you can expect the G7 to likely cost a little less than the Galaxy S9, however. A look at all the color phone's color variants.

    LG G7 ThinQ pictures: Dual AI cameras, Google Assistant button and more - CNET

    Don't show this again. Prev Next Prev Next. The fundamental problem is that on Samsung phones and, it seems, on other Androids, you cannot actually turn off the shutter sound, but have to resort to manually adjusting the master volume. Apparently this is because in some countries you are not supposed to be able to turn off the shutter sound.

    There was no such problem on my old MS Lumia, from which I have just 'emigrated'. My workaround is an app I found. Just leave it running all the time, and it simply turns off all the sound when the camera app is activated. As soon as the camera is 'closed', all sounds come back on. Although it does not deal only with the shutter sound, it is an acceptable workaround. Haven't worked out, however, why the app switches itself off, seemingly at random There are situations when the shutter sound has to be disabled, so as not to be disturbing. Otherwise, it's useful because you know when you took the picture and by mistake you did not press the button correctly.

    However, on my new Nokia 7 plus, the sound chirps every time the shot is taken on the panorama setting. My god. A roar. Can't something be done? I just turn the volume down. When showing it off to the Russians about the accomplishment, the Russians said, we just use pencil. Stock Android Nexus 6P running 7. Can you help?

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    Hi, my device is LG G5, recently got updated to Android 7. I tried muting my phone to 'Do Not Disturb' but I can still hear the annoying shutter sound : Also tried those apps where it helps u disable the shutter sound, but didn't work. Any ideas? Anything is appreciated :.

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    Exactly the same, Updated to Android 7. I figured out this much so far. From this, I think somehow Android looks into the some data for origin of SIM where service available.


    It is required to make shutter sound on cell phone Camera in Japan. My device is spice dream uno