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T-Mobile is giving LG's brand new G8 ThinQ its own unboxing treatment in a new video showcasing featuring fan-favorite PR person Desmond Smith taking a deeper look at the flagship in the carrier's now-typical cinematic fashion. The not-so-subtle advert, titled 'Undercover Unboxing', takes on a spy thriller theme and takes plenty of time to talk up the in-the-box inclusions that ship with the handset.

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It also displays some of the more interesting features of the new smartphone. Speaking in whispers, Des cracks open the lid, revealing a soft-touch cleaning cloth that the handset will ship with.

Finally, Mr. This wouldn't be a T-Mobile unboxing without a quick rundown of some key device specifications. LG's G8 ThinQ comes with a 6.

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Running along the bottom edge of the device, Des shows off LG's decision to include a 3. Flipping the handset over as the music intensifies, Mr. For the processor, it is still unsure which will the brand use for the new phone. The phone might also have a triple-lens rear camera with 3D features.

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Based on the name itself, it looks like LG has found a way to install a speaker behind the screen display. This is a big leap from traditional speaker designs and we are excited to see it on the G8.

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There is no official price announcement yet. Possibly on the plus-side, at least there's still a headphone jack.

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If you notice in the render there's no earpiece on the top of the phone; that's because the phone won't have an earpiece. LG has put a lot of focus in the loudness and quality of its speakers, and the all-speaker display sounds like another step in this strategy.

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LG doesn't mention anything about phone calls, though, and I wonder if there is a localized mode that could replicate the privacy of an earpiece for phone calls. The press release makes it sound like you'll only get a speakerphone for phone calls. With the earpiece out of the way, another surprise is the inclusion of a 3D sensing setup in the front notch.

LG blames "lower sales of mobile products" for the poor showing, so clearly the G7 was not as successful as LG had hoped. The G8 is clearly closely related to the G7, so it's hard to imagine it performing any differently in the market—especially given that this year companies like Samsung are turning in more radical redesigns.