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You can customize how long you want to let yourself use your phone, of course. Lastly, Digital Balance lets you set a screen time management PIN to prevent changes to its settings. This may be helpful if you struggle with your phone usage, even to the point of overriding these anti-addiction features.

Bridging the gap between the smartphone and the PC is a feat attempted by many, though few have succeeded thus far. In hindsight, the Motorola Atrix 4G and its Webtop desktop experience were ill-fated. The dock and laptop accessories were expensive, the software was old, and the phone lacked the serious power of the smartphones of today.

The limitations behind each of these solutions, whether they be price or platform, resulted in none of them ever really taking off. Both Samsung and Huawei learned from the failures of each and have devised desktop modes that are accessible and, most importantly, useful. Huawei and Samsung are in a head-to-head battle over who can develop the best desktop mode experience. Samsung came out of the gate with DeX on the Galaxy S8 , which while its implementation was solid, was marred by the price tag of the DeX Station.

Samsung followed-up by introducing dockless DeX on the Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9 , only to be outdone a few months later by Huawei introducing wireless Easy Projection on the Mate For starters, there are two ways to use Easy Projection: wired or wireless. If you purchase a multi-input dock and use the right Type-C cable capable of Power Delivery, you may be able to start Easy Projection while simultaneously fast charging your phone. Wired projection will work on more external displays than wireless projection, but if you are able to wirelessly project then I recommend going for that.

If your phone supported wired projection, then it will support wireless projection with the Android Pie update. However you start Easy Projection, the available features will be the same. In order from left to right, the quick setting buttons do the following:.

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The start button opens up a list of your pre-installed apps. By default, the start menu pops up from the bottom left corner and takes up about half the screen, but you can maximize the menu by tapping on the top right expand icon. Also at the top are a screen lock button and search bar to find an app.

Optimized apps like Google Photos, Gmail, Chrome, YouTube, Google Maps, and all stock Huawei apps will be opened in freeform multi-windows , app windows that can layer on top of one another, be resized, or be dragged around the screen. In contrast, unoptimized apps will only be shown in fullscreen mode. Right-clicking on an icon in the taskbar will let you unpin the app, while right-clicking on an icon on the desktop lets you open, delete, rename, copy, cut, or uninstall the app.

The open action launches the app while uninstall completely removes the app from your device. Meanwhile, delete, rename, copy, and cut are unique features to Easy Projection. The best part of all the above? You can continue to project your screen with Easy Projection but still use your phone as usual. While Easy Projection is running, a persistent notification will be shown which lets you switch between desktop mode and phone mode screen mirroring or open the touchpad. The touchpad also provides shortcuts to the screenshot action and a drawing tool which lets you draw lines in red, yellow, or blue on your phone to show on the external display—useful for notes or presentations.

Easy Projection could definitely do more, but I have to give credit to Huawei for making the feature live up to its name. The fact that Easy Projection lets you use your phone while projecting and also works with existing apps because it relies on standard Android multi-window APIs is a big win in my view.

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WhatsApp , for instance, only lets you sign in to a single account even if your phone has dual SIM support. Kirin devices can even play many retro games from the GameCube, Dreamcast, and Wii eras. AppAssistant is useful to prevent your gaming experience from being ruined by a notification, accidental gesture input, or preventable slowdown because you forgot to turn on performance mode, but it lacks many of the bells and whistles found in gaming modes from other smartphone makers. Razer Game Booster on the Razer Phone 2 , for example, lets you set a per-game frame rate limit with an optional FPS counter , per-game CPU clock speed limit, per-game display resolution, per-game performance mode 5 modes separate from the clock speed , and per-game anti-aliasing.

How to make Huawei’s EMUI feel like home: Our guide to setting up your phone

Gaming performance with GPU Turbo 2. Source: Huawei. Via: ITHome. We can, however, tell you how it works.

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Although Huawei never went into great detail about how they made GPU Turbo, the team over at Anandtech uncovered a lot of information about it. During actual gameplay, the model outputs the most optimal DVFS settings. In stock Android, you can swipe down on the fingerprint scanner once to show notifications and once more to show the Quick Settings panel. While Huawei sadly blocks the API introduced in Android Oreo that lets you remap the fingerprint scanner , they do offer a few additional built-in fingerprint scanner gestures:.

Sadly, all of these gestures only work with their respective default EMUI app. If your Huawei or Honor smartphone has a front-facing camera, then it supports facial recognition. It also lets you pick whether to show or hide your notifications on the lock screen until your face is recognized.

Lastly, you can also integrate face recognition into the App Lock feature so you can unlock access to your apps using your face. If you care about security, then I recommend you turn off face recognition. That is, unless, you own the Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

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The 3 knuckle gestures are made possible using a technology called FingerSense by Qeexo. I personally never use them, so I disable all 3 gestures.

I also disabled them because having them enabled will interfere with using your knuckles to scroll if your fingers are dirty. If you train yourself to use the knuckle gestures properly, though, you might find them handy if you take a lot of screenshots or launch the same apps over and over again. The last 2 gestures—pick up and raise to ear—can be enabled and then forgotten about. Voice Control can be divided into two parts: voice wakeup and phone call features. Building a decent voice assistant is hard work. Both Google and Amazon have done the best jobs at making functional assistants in Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa respectively.

On most devices, Huawei pushes you to use Google Assistant, though at one point the company partnered with Amazon to set Alexa as the default assistant app for its smartphones sold in the United States a short-lived venture , sadly.

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Unfortunately, the feature falls short of other assistants. Your mileage may vary if you decide to follow this guide. One feature of voice wakeup that sounds nice on paper is the ability to add a custom hotword phrase, but the implication of such a feature existing in the first place should concern you about its efficacy. The reason why other voice assistants limit you to one, two, or maybe three wakeup phrases is because of the need to limit power use on the device.

This allows the device to put the main application processor to sleep while the screen is off, so only the DSP is parsing audio from the microphone to determine if a hotword phrase was uttered. Besides the last feature I just mentioned, the other two have problems with discoverability. Mini Screen View only works in portrait mode, but it has no other limitations. You can browse web pages, watch videos, text friends, pull down the status bar, etc. Hot Searches:. Related Products No Relative Product. Search Suggestions No Search Suggestion. Other Products. Software and Tools.

Mobile Services. View All. Huawei In-App Purchases. Consult Authorised Service Centers It is important to strictly use Huawei authorised repair services. Repair Services Service Center Find the nearest service center around you. Pick Up to Unlock. Reset Your Phone. System update failures. How to update Text style.

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