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He can see my deleted texts and all my activity. I don't know what app or website he's using.

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There is no way for him to see your iMessages unless he knows your AppleID and password you use with iMessage. Nor can he see your carrier SMS texts unless you and he share a telephone number or account. There is no website that can magically gain access to your messages.

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I know there are websites such as Teensafe that allow you to see text messages and cellphone activity as long as you have that password. All he needs is an iOS or OS X device and he can sign into your account as you and receive your messages at the same time you do. With that password he can also read your icloud email, see all your contacts, notes you store on icloud, your calendar - any Apple Service or feature linked to that AppleID.

Along with changing your password, you should set up extra security as well - Security and your Apple ID - Apple Support. Teensafe requires jailbreaking your phone. If your phone is jailbroken it could have spyware on it.

If he has had possession of it he could have jailbroken it. If you suspect that is a possibility you need to restore iOS on the phone using DFU mode and set it up as a new phone.

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If this is a possibility and you need help with DFU mode post back. If he really is reading your texts that is considered stalking, which is a felony in most of the US. You should contact the police, either directly, or through your attorney. Do not threaten him; just do it. Skip to step 7 below.

Erase your device. To prevent anyone else from accessing the data on your missing device, you can erase it remotely. After you erase a device, you can't track it.

This allows another person to turn on and use your device. Report your lost or stolen device to your mobile carrier, so they can disable your account to prevent calls, texts and data use. Your device might be covered under your mobile carrier plan. Remove your lost or stolen device from your list of trusted devices.


Change the passwords for other Internet accounts on your device. This can include email accounts, Facebook or Twitter. Report your lost or stolen device to your mobile carrier.

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Your carrier can disable the account, preventing phone calls, texts and data use. Get help if your AirPods are missing. Yes No.