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Samsung Galaxy A Tags Samsung. Email Address. How the Iris 5 chip from Pixelworks can improve the visual experience of Android smartphones. Load Comments. Subscribe to XDA. How the Iris 5 chip from Pixelworks can improve the visual experience of Android smartphones March 21, Catalyst has paid attention to the little things, like ensuring Touch ID still works as you want it to, and the camera lens cover is of high enough quality to not ruin any pictures.

There are plenty of choices out there, in various colors, such as this one from Joto.

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It has an IPX8 rating and fits phones with screens smaller than 6 inches. When we talk about waterproof hardware, we often refer to an IP rating. This stands for Ingress Protection, and is usually followed by a number, which refers to its ability to withstand water and dust. The first digit relates to solid particle protection and the second digit to liquid. All the phones on our list meet IP67 or IP68 standards. IP numbers that start with a six mean the device features complete protection from dust, and will ward off particles to the extent where none can find its way in.

Keys, wallet, smartphone. Because our phones are now such an important part of our everyday life, choosing the right one requires the same degree of research as a new car, or a new computer. We know this, which is why each phone we review becomes part of our everyday life. We check our emails, play games, take photos lots of photos , browse social media, watch video, and much more to see how the phone performs in the situations you will most often encounter. From this, and similar experience with other devices on the market, we can advise you on which model to buy.

It makes sense for us not to treat reviewing them lightly either. Why we picked the iPhone 11 Pro : Apple jumped on board a bezel-free smartphone future when it released the iPhone X. Why we picked the Caterpillar Cat S61 : If all you care about is a phone that will still work after it gets dropped, bashed about a bit, or dropped in quite a lot of water, then the Cat S61 is definitely the phone for you.

IP What? What those IP ratings actually mean When we talk about waterproof hardware, we often refer to an IP rating. Continue Add to wishlist. No trade-in required. Device features Up to 4. Get a phone that keeps up with your fast-paced life. Spend more time unplugged with a long-lasting 4, mAh battery that lasts for up to 35 hours per charge. No need to squeeze everyone together. Adjust your photos after the fact with a simple tool for controlling background blur. Scene Optimizer takes the hard work out of unforgettable photos. Do your special moments justice.

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Life looks better through a 6. Keep more of your photos, shows, movies and apps on hand with 64 GB of build-it storage. Then add up to GB of extra space using a microSD card. Average expected performance based on typical use. Actual battery life depends on factors such as network, features selected, frequency of calls, and voice, data, and other application - usage patterns. Results may vary. Device Specifications. World Device. Works in over countries depending on your plan. Doubling our 4G LTE bandwidth in cities coast to coast.

Compare devices. What's in the box. Download user manual. Based on 91 reviews. Rating 3. Rating 4.

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Write a review. Highest to Lowest Rating. Not sure why so many negative reviews, but my A50 works excellent. Great screen, nice and crisp, fast processor, and all the apps I use work great.

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Some are complaining about the GPS, but mine works fine. Samsung either fixed the issue or the other reviewers haven't synced their phone properly. Ther read more. Yes, I'd recommend this product.

Samsung Galaxy A70 review: Samsung's best mid-range handset?

Was this review helpful? Yes No I have had Apple phones and my husband and I are changing our ways slowly. This phone is way different than what I'm use to but it is Large enough I can at least see and use the key pad easily. I got this phone because I needed a new one and done want to spend a ton. I had a Galaxy S7.


This phone seems to be a side step instead of a step forward. The camera is nice and the battery is amazing! When I first got the phone, I could go three days before recharging. Six months later and the batt read more. This is an amazing phone, great camera, and storage capacity. I am amazed at the quality of my games compared to my old phone. When I go the phone, there were no reviews on this phone so I was a little cautious, but it was worth buying.