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Both phones have a metallic unibody, but the Lenovo K8 Note has one-upped with splash resistant coating on its aluminium series metal body. The displays in both phones measure 5. Lenovo and Gionee went on a face-off battle with their two smartphones in India on Wednesday, offering customers a fighting chance. The sub-Rs. Both phones have great potential with top-of- the-line specs, but there can only be one winner. The high-end variant of the K8 Note is priced at Rs. If you have your mind set on the budget and where you can pick them online or in stores , the choice is pretty clear.

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Lenovo K8 Note has a metal unibody with series aluminium, designed to resist regular splash of water, thanks to the water-repellent nano-coating. The handset features a 5. On the other hand, Gionee A1 Plus also has a premium metal finish and a 5. In comparison, the Lenovo K8 Note turns out to be a better deal in terms of screen resolution and durability. But the front snapper is of prime focus, which has a 20MP sensor with soft LED flash for improved selfies. Both smartphones feature reliable 4,mAh batteries, which should easily last a full day.

Lenovo tries to win over with fast charging enabled by the 15W rapid charger in the box. Under the hood, Lenovo K8 Note is powered by a 1. The impact of the sweet spot depends entirely on the distance of lens, the number of rings and the magnification. So no… Fresnel is not the future of VR.

It has too many negatives. Production process is still problematic and comically expensive. Yield for this type of glass is worse than chip wafers a few years ago. Probably five years away for consumer level mass devices. Hens the Fresnel compromise. I agree after reviewing dozens of lens designs for my own mobile headset.

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I settled on a 42mm aspherical PMMA that is very close to the eye. Also, you need a doublet design to minimize edge distortion, which also increases overall weight. The good news is that next-gen lenses are being developed and eventually products will come to market and prices fall.

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Imagine a future where we could ditch lenses completely and project data directly into the eye. Do you have any articles or companies you know of who are investing time into researching new lenses? I would really like to contact them. Catch is the battery life is weak, no micro sd and the display has weak contrast and the lines with moving objects are as bad as the dots with pentile. Pick your poison ;. I would gladly by the Go with same features: , 4, MAH battery and micro sd slot. Been comparing both for several days. Image quality seems to net out. With the Go you get lines and the Gear you get dots.

The Gear though blows the Go away for color and contrast. This headset and the upcoming Vive Daydream headset will failed because of the price. A mobile standalone headset should be cheap and know what it is — a mobile device, trying to do PC driven VR will make it looks inadequate.

In geek culture: the best technology is the criteria, but in the mainstream price will always be the first concern. Or a developer feature? It actually goes way beyond positional tracking as when you go into the dev settings it lets you also force 6dof for most apps and remove the safety limits that then allows you to roam far and free.

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    On the other hand, I do agree that 6DoF is substantially better experience. Nate Vander Plas. All Things 3D.

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    Peter Petropolis. Nevertheless fresnel is not the future. Nicolas Grignon. I have the gvr with a S6 …. TonyVT SkarredGhost. Till Eulenspiegel.

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