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The Redmi 7 should only be used for navigation when you do not depend on precision. The telephone app comes from Xiaomi and has the keypad as its centerpiece. Above that, the app displays a list of recent calls. Xiaomi does not yet offer a dark mode as it is available on Google's standard app. The voice quality over the earpiece is not bad but could be a little louder. At least there is no droning even at maximum volume and our call partner's voice is clear and easy to understand.

The microphone also transmits our voice clearly at all volumes, although there is some distortion when talking forcefully. We can still understand our call partner clearly on speakerphone, but they had some difficulty understanding us when we spoke quietly. The resolution of one lens has been reduced in comparison to its predecessor, while another's has been increased.

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The front camera now has a resolution of 8 MP instead of 5. The predecessor already offered decent image quality considering its price range and produced good images in normal lighting. The Redmi 7 has similar characteristics. It offers good image quality and color reproduction, although more-expensive cameras manage to capture significantly more details. The photos turn out quite well even in bad lighting, which is good for a device of this price.

Videos can be recorded at a maximum of p and 30 fps and we are quite impressed with the fast and smooth automatic exposure control. The image quality of videos is decent as well. The front camera takes good pictures in good lighting, but the fixed focus means you need to find the right distance to get a sharp image. Choose a scene and navigate within the first image. One click changes the position on touchscreens. One click on the zoomed-in image opens the original in a new window. The first image shows the scaled photograph of the test device. We put the main camera through a few tests under controlled lighting in our lab.

We photographed our test chart, which poses a series of challenges to the camera, and our color chart, which we compared to a reference photo. The details of the test chart appear slightly blurred while color fields are displayed precisely.

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The camera easily handles text on colored background and also offers fairly accurate colors - although some appear a touch too dark. While there is warranty in some countries, this is not the case everywhere and even if there is warranty, you cannot always claim it directly from Xiaomi, and you might have to get the help of your dealer.

Xiaomi Redmi 7 Smartphone Review

We therefore highly recommend you find a reliable retailer to buy your smartphone from. The Xiaomi Redmi 7's touchscreen is very reliable and responds well even at the edges and in the corners. The device uses Google's GBoard as its virtual keyboard, which enables fast typing. It also lets you choose between different color themes or use voice command. The fingerprint reader is positioned on the back of the smartphone and also works reliably and quickly.

Xiaomi also lets you unlock the device using face recognition but warns users that the feature can be tricked by using a photo. This didn't work when we tried it out, but you should still be careful and aware of the fact that this feature is based on software only and does not include any infrared or 3D scanning.

It also doesn't work in the dark. The Redmi 7 display has a aspect ratio, which is typical for devices equipped with a notch. This is basically like the traditional ratio with an additional strip at the top where the notch is integrated. The display has a resolution of x pixels, which is normal for this price range.

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The Huawei P Smart on the other hand features extended Full HD resolution - but this device also had a higher starting price when it first came out. Other devices in this price range, however, offer even more luminosity. There should be no flickering or PWM above this brightness setting.

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If PWM was detected, an average of minimum: 5 - maximum: Hz was measured. This is quite low and we would definitely recommend sensitive users try the smartphone out before purchase. The black value is average at 0. Black areas do not appear deep black but rather dark gray at high screen brightness.

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The contrast ratio is accordingly low at Colors are also displayed rather conservatively. The Redmi 7 offers various image modes. Users can set the white balance to automatic or choose between the presets warm or cold. The color deviation is not as strong as on other devices using the standard settings, although there is a significant blue cast visible in our test with the spectrophotometer and CalMAN software.

The smartphone can be used outdoors but becomes difficult to read in direct sunlight due to strong reflections. The side viewing angles show slight changes in brightness but content continues to be easily readable from every angle. This processor enables our test unit to reach very good performance rates for this price range, positioning it at the top for every benchmark we did.

The generous 3 GB of RAM also plays its part, enabling the user to get the most out of the processor. While the CPU might not manage to keep up with very demanding computations, it is fully sufficient for everyday use. The Redmi 7 also does a good job when browsing the web: It is faster than its competitors with websites loading quickly.

Only images require a short wait. The smartphone can easily handle complex HTML5 pages. We received normal results for this price range from our test with our reference microSD card Toshiba Exceria Pro M We would like to note that it is great to have a dedicated microSD slot and still be able to use two SIM cards simultaneously.

The reader is also compatible with exFAT formatting. The high frame-rate mode cannot be activated when playing Arena of Valor and players are therefore limited to 30 fps when playing this game. While Asphalt 9 cannot be displayed entirely smoothly, the judders are so small that you have to look closely to notice them. Only Shadow Fight 3 runs at 60 fps, although this speed cannot be kept up at high details.

The surface temperatures are acceptable even under high load: The maximum hot spot reaches The phone does not heat up noticeably while idling. Even after a long period under load, the Xiaomi device still manages to maintain maximum performance. Apart from the significantly higher volume compared to the speaker in the Xiaomi Redmi 6, its successor Redmi 7 offers a more balanced sound overall. The sound is surprisingly warm and quite clear at medium volume.

However, the speaker is slightly overcharged at maximum volume, which makes some frequencies uncomfortable to listen to and creates a more muddied sound. However, we are quite happy with the overall sound experience - particularly for such an affordable smartphone. You can connect speakers or headphones via the 3. The connection is great and sounds are transmitted nicely. This is no surprise as both smartphones are equipped with the same SoC.

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The Xiaomi Redmi 7 requires less power under load, which should offer some advantages in terms of runtime. Thanks to the generous mAh battery, our Redmi 7 offers excellent runtimes. It could almost last two entire workdays of constantly browsing the web on Wi-Fi before needing to recharge. The device lasts hours under full load. This means that with normal phases of use and standby the device should last several days without having to be recharged.

The included quick-charge adapter has a rated output of 10 watts and recharges the device fully in around 2 hours. Despite the competition trying to catch up, Xiaomi continues to offer the best price-to-performance ratio. Xiaomi has once again created a great smartphone at an affordable price: the Redmi 7. Of course, the GPS module is not fully reliable and the earpiece could be louder. Warranty is another issue, plus there is quite a lot of unnecessary bloatware.

But considering its low price, the Xiaomi Redmi 7 really is quite an impressive offer. If you are looking for an affordable, modern-looking smartphone, you will not get around the Redmi series. However, neither of these two devices can keep up with the Redmi 7 in terms of battery runtime. Qualcomm Snapdragon Qualcomm Adreno Note: The manufacturer may use components from different suppliers including display panels, drives or memory sticks with similar specifications.

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Xiaomi Redmi 7 full resolution. Left: SIM slot.