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Samsung Galaxy A80 Review - Now a Great Value Rotating Camera Phone?

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Apple and Samsung struggle to sell us super-pricey smartphones

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Samsung Galaxy A80 Angel Gold Smartphone | Mobile |

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Camera phone

Hide Comments. For more information, please contact our Abenson. Rotating Camera for everything Live. The triple camera easily slides and rotates to capture the scene or object in front or behind. See more. With the incredible degree field of vision, the Ultra Wide Camera is built to capture scenes, objects, people and more as wide as the human eye can see.

Samsung Galaxy A80 performance and cameras

Pro-like videos. The Samsung Galaxy A80 smartphone records the real action together with the Ultra Wide Camera and predictive software.

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With the Super Steady feature you can now record videos without a blur. Measure anything instantly. With the pre-loaded Quick Measure app, simply scan and measure distances, lengths, depths, and space of 3D objects.

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