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This is an excellent live location tracking application that can show your current locationd broadcast it over the web for your family and loved ones to see. LocaToWeb can pin down your exact location as well as offer insights on metrics like duration, distance, speed and altitude.

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Privacy features are also visible here, allowing you to hide your location or trail from everyone. You can always go back to the Settings and make the necessary privacy related changes as you see fit. All of this can work without a comprehensive sign up process, which makes it all the more easier. Users can also setup race groups to accurately track each athlete with a side by side track within your phone screen.

Indeed, one of the Best iPhone Tracking Apps. As the name suggests, this app gives you a wide net of tracking capabilities using nothing but this application. This can be helpful to know where your spouse or children are located, with the ability to fetch their tracks from the past 12 hours.

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With over 2. Since keeping your phone GPS on for a long time can be quite harmful to your battery life, the app also comes with GPS tracking options to reduce the amount of battery drain. The app works only when both parties have consented to sharing their location. Users are free to stop others from tracking their location at any time.

The best part is that this app is free to download on the Play Store. One of the Best iPhone Tracking Apps that can help you track your runs and also track activities like cycling, walking, gym workouts, cross training, yoga, and more. The moment you realize your iPhone has been lost, or even worse, stolen is terrifying. You quickly realize just how much information is stored on your phone , and the stress is only compounded by the fact that you're now cut off from the outside world.

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But while I have your attention, let's make sure you have a passcode set up and Find My iPhone enabled so you'll have the best chance at getting your phone back. Those people are wrong. Setting a passcode and using your face or fingerprint to protect all of the information on your phone is a vital part of keeping your personal information secure.

Just think of all the information on your phone: banking apps, private conversations, the location of your home and office, contacts, emails, photos Scanning your finger or letting Face ID do its magic is a minor inconvenience. And after a few days, the extra step will become part of your routine and you won't even notice. Read: Stolen or lost Android phone? Here's how to get it back. After setting a passcode, double-check that Find My iPhone is turned on.

It should be enabled by default, and you'd have to go out of your way to disable it, but it's always a good idea to double-check right now. On your iPhone, open the Settings app and tap on your name at the top of the screen. Next, select iCloud and then scroll down and find Find My iPhone. Tap it.

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If both switches are turned to the On position, you're all set. If not, turn on both options and leave the settings app. Apple's Family Sharing service not only saves you money by letting your entire family install a paid app on multiple devices, but it also integrates with Find My iPhone.

With Family Sharing set up , you can view the location of all the devices linked to a family member's Apple ID.

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Meaning, you can ask a family member to immediately begin looking for your lost iPhone once you realize it's missing. The best way to keep your phone secure, especially when you're traveling or in unfamiliar areas, is to keep a close eye on it and never relax.

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The information about your location can be used by a number of applications on your phone such as navigation, the search function or weather forecast. Find " Location Services ".

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Press Settings. Press Privacy. Press Location Services. Turn GPS on or off.

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Press the indicator next to "Location Services" to turn the function on or off. Turn use of GPS position for applications on or off.

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Press the required app.