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Want to get your Instagram stories seen by more people? These Instagram features allow you to add clickable hashtags and location stickers to your stories. You might be surprised to learn that a lot of people use Instagram to search for local businesses , much like they might use Yelp.

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This is most common for restaurants, retail, and other brick-and-mortar businesses. People may be out and about, looking for a place for dinner.

Step 1. Go in your Facebook app and “Check In”

Selecting one of the locations listed takes you to all of the Instagram content available for that location. Now with locations in Instagram Stories , some location searches will also populate with a story icon, allowing users to view recent stories using that location sticker. The story icon is the circle with the Instagram-colored ring around it at the top of the search. Along the top is a list of people who have posted recent stories that Instagram thinks you may enjoy. This tactic is best for those businesses that have a physical location.

Consider including local landmarks or popular public locations near you so you show up in those more popular search results. Adding location stickers to your Instagram stories will help you show up in more searches and make it easier for potential customers to find you.

How to Add a Location Sticker to Instagram Stories

First, start your Instagram story. You can take an image or record a video directly within the Instagram Stories app, or swipe up on the Story screen to import any image taken in the last 24 hours. To get to the location tag option, you must add a sticker to your story post. Tap on the square smiley face sticker icon at the top of the Story screen to reveal the list of stickers. Select the Location sticker option. Next, start typing the location you want to use in your story and a list of matching results will populate. Choose the appropriate option from the list.

You can rotate, resize, and move the location sticker around the screen on your story or add other features. The See Location option appears first; tapping on that takes the user to the search results page. For location-based, service-based, or online businesses, hashtags are helpful in getting found on Instagram.

How to fix location feature missing problem in instagram story

You can use hashtags related to your business industry, topic, style, or another factor. Hashtag searches will populate content that includes the corresponding hashtag in their post captions or comments.

Everything about Location Tags on Instagram | Instazood

Just as with location stickers, the list of hashtag search results will populate and tapping on the desired hashtag result will open a gallery of content associated with that hashtag. Hashtags are one of the most common ways people search for content on Instagram. Using more specific and targeted hashtags will generally help you get better exposure than using overly popular hashtags that are broad in context. As with location stickers, diversifying your Instagram content to include stories featuring a key hashtag will ensure your content is visible to more people on Instagram.

That exposure may help drive more Instagram followers or even more website traffic or sales to your business. Keep in mind that you should stick with one hashtag maybe two on any one story post. Similarly to adding location stickers, you can add hashtags by adding a sticker to your story.

Let me tell you a story about my life

Users who download the app and grant it access to their Instagram account are presented with an eerie interactive map of every place the people they follow have visited and shared online since they created their profile. The map updates in real time and is sourced from the wealth of location data the average Instagram user willingly uploads to the platform each time they opt to use its popular geotag feature in a story or post. This information is nominally public already, as Instagram users must choose to share it with their followers. Barto said it found that 30 percent of people who post Instagram stories over the weekend geotag at least one location.

The app has two viewing modes—general and single user.

How to Make Your Own (custom) LOCATION TAG on Instagram

General mode shows you a map of every place that all of the people you follow have said they visited, when they said they were there, and links to the post or story where they indicated that. Single-user mode allows you to track a specific person. He created the app to illustrate the wealth of sensitive and telling data users willingly share on a public platform without considering the access that Instagram and outside developers have to it, or what they could be doing with it.

The app used the data to tell users how often their friends checked WhatsApp, when they likely woke up and went to sleep, and which of their contacts were likely messaging each other. It was removed from the Apple App and Google Play stores after an outpouring of concern from users and members of the press over the privacy implications.

WhatsApp and Instagram are both owned by Facebook, which has its own contentious and scandal-ridden history when it comes to data privacy. Paris Martineau.