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Other function: Alarm,Calculator,Calender,Voice recorder. Screen: IPS. Screen resolution: x Screen size: 1. Operating mode: Press button,Touch Screen. Type of battery: Polymer Battery. Battery Capacty: mAh. Charging time: About 2hours. Standby time: About 4 — 5 Days. APP Name:fundo wear. Dial and Band. Shape of the dial: Round. Case material: Stainless Steel. Band material: Silicon. Xiaomi disables the ability to trigger one-handed mode when you enable their full-screen gestures.

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OnePlus simply turns off screen pinning when you enable their gestures. Gestures feel better integrated with the rest of the system rather than a feature tacked on to compete with the iPhone. My first major gripe with the EMUI 9 gestures is the fluidity. The OnePlus 6T added a new quick switch gesture that lets you return to your last app by flicking up and then right. The best you can do is swipe up and hold, let go, and then tap on the recent app card. That swipe down action is reserved for locking an app in memory. Thus, while navigating back or returning to the launcher are quick, switching between tasks can be pretty slow.

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Even Google is experimenting with better recent apps navigation in Android Q, so hopefully, the next EMUI version brings more fluid gestures. The back gesture interferes with quite a few apps that have sidebars on the left-hand side, which are fairly common because of the Navigation Drawer specification in Material Design.

Thus, I find myself constantly performing a back gesture when I meant to open the sidebar in apps like Gmail or Reddit is Fun. Even the stock launcher can pose problems when you enable the app drawer since the existence of the fast scrollbar on the right forces Huawei to disable the back gesture. I would prefer to have a swipe up from the bottom left or bottom right go back, which is how OnePlus does it.

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Picture-in-picture mode, though only recently introduced in Android 8. With the three-button navigation keys, you can trigger picture-in-picture mode by tapping on the home button. You would think that swiping up from the bottom, which performs the home action, would enable picture-in-picture mode. Huawei got it right by incorporating screen pinning and one-handed mode into their gestures, but they failed to account for picture-in-picture mode.

The chart even shows the screen usage of an app without making you tap on the app name to show more information. I think Google does a better job showing you historical screen usage data, while Huawei does a better job showing you the current screen usage data. Tapping on the manage notifications option then brings you to the notification management page for a particular app, so you can block recurrent notifications from specific notification channels. Digital Balance, like Digital Wellbeing, does show you how many times you unlock your smartphone on a daily basis. This is the total amount of time your child can use their phone in a single day, though it can be extended with your approval.

Setting up Digital Balance for yourself gives you a default daily screen time limit of 6 hours. You can customize how long you want to let yourself use your phone, of course. Lastly, Digital Balance lets you set a screen time management PIN to prevent changes to its settings. This may be helpful if you struggle with your phone usage, even to the point of overriding these anti-addiction features.

Bridging the gap between the smartphone and the PC is a feat attempted by many, though few have succeeded thus far. In hindsight, the Motorola Atrix 4G and its Webtop desktop experience were ill-fated. The dock and laptop accessories were expensive, the software was old, and the phone lacked the serious power of the smartphones of today. The limitations behind each of these solutions, whether they be price or platform, resulted in none of them ever really taking off.

Samsung Galaxy A50 vs Huawei Honor 10i

Both Samsung and Huawei learned from the failures of each and have devised desktop modes that are accessible and, most importantly, useful. Huawei and Samsung are in a head-to-head battle over who can develop the best desktop mode experience. Samsung came out of the gate with DeX on the Galaxy S8 , which while its implementation was solid, was marred by the price tag of the DeX Station.

Samsung followed-up by introducing dockless DeX on the Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9 , only to be outdone a few months later by Huawei introducing wireless Easy Projection on the Mate For starters, there are two ways to use Easy Projection: wired or wireless. If you purchase a multi-input dock and use the right Type-C cable capable of Power Delivery, you may be able to start Easy Projection while simultaneously fast charging your phone.

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Wired projection will work on more external displays than wireless projection, but if you are able to wirelessly project then I recommend going for that. If your phone supported wired projection, then it will support wireless projection with the Android Pie update.


However you start Easy Projection, the available features will be the same. In order from left to right, the quick setting buttons do the following:.


The start button opens up a list of your pre-installed apps. By default, the start menu pops up from the bottom left corner and takes up about half the screen, but you can maximize the menu by tapping on the top right expand icon.

How to do screen mirroring in Honor 10 Lite

Also at the top are a screen lock button and search bar to find an app. Optimized apps like Google Photos, Gmail, Chrome, YouTube, Google Maps, and all stock Huawei apps will be opened in freeform multi-windows , app windows that can layer on top of one another, be resized, or be dragged around the screen. Haptics is now the main norm for flagships if you ask me. Price is important for budget devices. The Honor 10i is in the latter. In some markets you can find it as Honor 20 Lite as well.

It was just recently launched in the last months, so it is fairly new. Compared to other budget devices on the market, what Honor does differently than its competitors is to push what can be done as much as they can. The Kirin SoC is not the best in class. What helps the Honor 10i stand out is its triple camera set up. In this price range it is quite hard to find something that works kinda well.

Honor 10i Dual SIM - 128GB, 4GB RAM, 4G LTE, Midnight Black

Supported with software triple camera setup helps you take decent shots. Also with a decent battery, you can use your phone for almost a whole day. It comes with Android 9, so we can say you are up to date. Coming back to the selling point: triple camera setup. Besides that, it is just as good as other smartphones.