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Meizu Mobiles. Enter pincode. Usually delivered in days? OmniTechRetail 4. Large Large mAh battery that lasts a long thanks to system-level optimisations in Flyme OS based on Android.

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Mobileciti Covid Update March 20, March February January June May December November October September August July How can I modify the information ofan existing contact? Touch the contact avatar on the Contacts screen to display the details.

Meizu’s M6 is a budget phone that’s keen to be a premium product

Touch the edit button in the upper right corner to modify the information. How can I delete a contact? On the contacts screen, press and hold a contact to be deleted. Select the contact and touch Delete. How can I add a contact to a group? Select Group. On the groupscreen, touch the edit button in the upper right corner. Touch Create a group.

Enter the group name,and touch OK.

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How can I adjust the contact group sequence? These quencing function is not available. How can I rename a contact group? Touch the menu button in the upper right corner. On the group screen, touch the edit button in the upper right corner.


Touch the contact group to be renamed. Enter the new group name, and touch OK. How can I delete a contact group? Touch [X] on the rightside of the group to delete it.

Meizu M6T ( 32 GB Storage, 3 GB RAM ) Online at Best Price On

How can I import the contacts onanother mobile phone to my mobile phone? Pair twomobile phones using Bluetooth, and then import the contacts on the other mobilephone to your mobile phone. How can I import the contacts on the SIM card to my mobile phone? Select the contacts toexport. How can I import the contacts on mymobile phone to the SIM card? Selectthe contacts to add to the SIM card. How can I export the contacts in mymobile phone?

Touch Export to export the contacts to the email or local. How can I delete contacts in batch?

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On the contacts screen, press and hold a contact to enter the multi-selection mode. Select the contacts to be deleted and touch Delete in the lower part of the screen. How can I use the web messagefunction? On the message screen, touch the menu button in the upper right corner. Enable Web Message. Enter the number of your mobile phone and touch to obtain the verification code. When both your Flyme account and the peer party's Flyme account are logged in,an online identifier is displayed at the right part of the contact list.

Then,you can send web messages to the online contacts. Why isn't a delivery report received after I sent a message? You can enable the delivery report function as follows:. Enable Delivery report. How can I favorite a message? Touch amessage to display the details. Press and hold the message. Select Favorite in the displayed menu. How can I preview the message content in the status bar?

Enable Preview in status bar. How can I group the memos? On the Memos screen, touch a memo to display the details. On the right part of the memo title, touch the pull-down arrow ofthe Memos group. Expand the grouplist. Touch a group to move the selected memo to this group. How can I encrypt a memo? On the Memos screen, touch a memo to displaythe details. Select the Encrypted group. After entering the Flyme account password, you can add the memo to the Encrypted group.

The memos in this group can be accessed only after the password is entered. How can I share memos? Touch the share button in the upper right corner to share the memos in image or text format.