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Oxygen OS 9. Overall Oxygen OS is a refined version of standard Android, with polished elements and a little more customisation, making it one of the best versions of Android currently available. You also get three years of software updates from release.

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The back gesture, up from the left or right bottom edge, is easy to activate by accident — a swipe in from the left or right side of the screen is better. Oxygen OS also comes with Zen Mode, which locks your phone for 20 minutes of time out, allowing only calls and photos, a gaming mode and a system called RAM boost, which learns which apps you use frequently and pre-caches them into RAM. While previous versions have been a convenience trade-off versus traditional capacitive sensors, the new in-screen sensor matches them for speed and accuracy.

OnePlus has set the new standard; everything else feels slow compared with it.

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Cameras have traditionally been a weak point for OnePlus phones. The primary camera is capable of capturing some really detailed and well-exposed shots.

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Occasionally it was a little too bright, requiring a bit of adjustment, but even low-light performance was good. The 3x telephoto camera is also good, but produces noticeably more noise in dull lighting than the main camera. The ultra-wide angle camera is great, too, capturing some really interesting shots.

Video quality was generally very good too, but could be a little yellow in indoor lighting. The selfie camera was also capable of capturing some impressive amount of detail that some might find a little too rich. It was too easy to invoke the pin code entry screen when shooting photos while the phone was locked. The OnePlus 7 Pro is a beast of a phone in every way.

It has a genuinely huge screen, making it a really big device. But that huge screen is arguably the best in the industry.

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Part of that is the sheer speed and smoothness of the phone, matching the level of polish only Apple and Google have managed, but made faster. Even the optical in-screen fingerprint sensor is super-fast, making everything else feel slow. This is the fastest-feeling smartphone available by some margin. The camera is really good, too, which is a first for a OnePlus phone. Battery life is good but not class-leading.

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  • And did I mention just how massive this phone is? But what you get with the OnePlus 7 Pro is a phone that undercuts rivals on price and offers a better experience in almost every meaningful way. The OnePlus 7 Pro is a massive phone worth stretching for. Pros: stunning screen, super-fast performance, fast in-screen fingerprint reader, good battery life, dual-sim, really good camera, great software, alert slider.

    Cons: glass back but no wireless charging, no IP water resistance rating, no expandable storage, no headphone socket, too big. Best smartphone iPhone, Samsung, Huawei and Google compared and ranked. Huawei P30 Pro review: game-changing camera, stellar battery life.


    At the top, turn Use location on or off. When Location is on Apps can get your phone's location to give you location-based info or services. Learn how to change app location settings. Google Location Services can collect data to improve location-based services. Learn about Google Location Services. You can get search results and ads based on your phone's location. You can see where your phone is if you lose it. Learn about Find My Device.

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    • You can share your phone's location with others. Learn about Location Sharing with Google Maps and sending location in emergencies. You can see and manage them later. Learn about Location History. Features that use location may not work properly. You can get search results and ads based on your IP address. Turn I mprove Location Accuracy on or off.

      Manage your Android device’s location settings

      Tap Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scanning. Turn Wi-Fi scanning or Bluetooth scanning on or off. To help first responders find you quickly, dial an emergency number. You can turn emergency location services on or off at any time. Open your phone's Settings app. Turn Emergency Location Service on or off. Learn about Location Sharing with Google Maps. If you have a work profile, tap Advanced. Then, choose an option: Turn Location on or off : Tap Location.

      Scan for nearby networks : Tap Advanced Scanning. You can choose your location mode based on accuracy, speed, and battery use. Tap Mode. Use Google Location Services to help estimate your phone's location faster and more accurately.

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