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To initiate an encrypted call to a contact, select that contact and then tap on the phone icon. To make an encrypted video call, simply call someone as described above. You may have to allow Signal to access your camera and microphone.

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After adding participants, you can tap on the check mark in the upper left corner of the screen. This will initiate the group chat. Sometimes conversations can be distracting. One feature that is especially useful for group chats is muting notifications, so you don't see a new notification every time a new message is written. This can be applied to individual conversations as well, if desired.

At this point, you can verify the authenticity of the person you are talking with to ensure that their encryption key wasn't tampered with or replaced with the key of someone else when your application downloaded it a process called key verification. Verifying is a process that takes place when you are physically in the presence of the person you are talking with. First, open the screen where you are able to message your contact, as described above.

From this screen, tap the overflow icon the three dots in the upper-right corner of the screen and select "Conversation settings. You will now be brought to a screen which displays a QR code and a 'safety number. Have your contact navigate to the corresponding screen for their conversation with you, so that they have a QR code displayed on their screen as well. Back on your device, you can tap on your QR code, which will use the camera to scan the QR code that is displayed on your contact's screen. Align your camera to the QR code:.

This indicates that you have verified your contact successfully.

You should now tap the slider next to "Verified" to have the app remember that your contact has been verified. If instead your screen looks like this, something has gone wrong:. Note for power users: The screen displaying your QR code also has an icon to share your safety number in the top-right corner. In-person verification is the preferred method, but you may have already authenticated your contact using another secure application. Since you've already verified your contact, you can safely use the trust established in that application to verify numbers within Signal, without having to be physically in the presence of your contact.

In this case you can share your safety number with that application by tapping the "share" icon and sending your contact your safety number. Signal has a feature called "disappearing messages" which ensures that messages will be removed from your device and the device of your contact some chosen amount of time after they are seen. You do not have control over the person with whom you are chatting—she could be logging or taking screenshots of your conversation, even if you've enabled "disappearing messages. To enable "disappearing messages" for a conversation, open the screen where you are able to message your contact.

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Press "Messaging" to bring up a new menu. From this menu you can access the inbox, outbox and sent messaging options, which is where your messages are stored. Delete all of the messages in your inbox by tapping "Delete All" and confirm the deletion. Return to the "Messaging" menu by touching "Back" on the bottom of the screen.

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Tap and hold an area on Google Maps and you will see the red pin drop on that location. Facebook Twitter.

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